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    A California for everyone.

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    Interesting. Homelessness is the crisis of our time and place. Much of America is a shithole...

    And what about the birth rates of those in poverty? That ain't gonna help.
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    Not due to subject matter, rather bandwidth matter...
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    I think it was about how adding 3.5 million new homes in California is the environmentally right thing to do. Oh, and pro-high density housing, too.. good for the environment. But I thought we didn't have enough water for the folks already here? Oh yeah, and building all these new homes or high rises in Arizona, Nevada or Texas is not environmentally friendly. That's what I got, anyway.

    Well, according to @mike, at least the Cleveland NF is bringing back the Steelhead, so we'll all have something to eat. :)
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    Interesting vid, definitely not what I was expecting. Obviously it is a building industry production but they do raise a good point that CEQA has been hijacked by NIMBY's to block whatever development they are against. That can be good or bad depending on the project.

    Personally I'd like to see a lot more high density housing rather than endless suburban sprawl. We could lose a ton of trail access in San Diego in coming decade or two if development sprawl continues as it has happened in the past. We have already lost a lot of trail. With better planning and a lot more high density some of that could be avoided. But recreation and quality of life always seem to be a low priority...

    With high density, public transit can be made efficient and cost effective and you can have really cool neighborhoods that are walkable. It is a different style of community for sure, but one that has many advantages over what we have now if you are willing to let go of the white picket fence.

    If our traffic keeps getting worse like it has been I may be one of those people moving to Arizona or Nevada....
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    Special interest lawsuits filed in California? Wow never heard of that before.
    Take out any financial incentive and most will drop away.