Yumby Numby - Comfortably Numb Whistler, BC Canada

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    June 25th my family and I embarked on our yearly family vacation. Normally we head down to Latin America, Costa Rica (where my mom is from), Nicaragua (where my dad is from), or Dominican Republic (where my wife's dad is from.) this year though we decided to head up north. Our destination of choice was Canada, particularly Vancouver and Whistler British Columbia. I must say, we made the right choice. This was such a great place, and as a family that enjoys and appreciates nature, this is the place to be. The mountains are lush, the streams and rivers are pristine, the trees are magnificent and the people are great.

    Our trip lasted ten days. During this time, most of it in Whistler, we visited an urban park called Lynn Canyon, swam in a few lakes, went off roading, zip lining, white water rafting, hiking, and last but not least, riding bikes :D .

    Before I get into the ride report let me say this about Whistler. It is is a wonderful destination for this time of the year. Most people associate Whistler with their winter sports but in the summer, this place is alive. At the center of all is is what we here on IMTB Trails love, Mountain Biking!! Most obvious is the bike park which many argue is the best in the world. I witnessed riders from all over the world, young and new, in full ride gear, ready to hit the lifts. It truly was an awesome sight and I was itching the whole time I was there to get out and ride.

    So now to the ride! Planning this trip out I was only going to be able to ride one day, Friday the 3rd after pooping everyone out from all the other activities. I did some planning ahead of time and narrowed my ride choice to an IMBA Epic trail known as "Comfortably Numb" (I'm not much into big bike park trails yet). From what I had read through reviews and reports was that this was an all day ride if ridden from end to end, best as North to South. The ride profile is roughly 17 miles, and about 2700 ft climbing. The estimated time to ride is 3 to 5hrs.

    <a class="postlink" href="https://www.imba.com/epics/comfortably-numb" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">https://www.imba.com/epics/comfortably-numb</a>

    As I got closer to my trip I began exploring other options as I knew I would not have enough time to ride the whole trail because I also planned to ride with my son, 11yrs old. While in Whistler, shopping for bike rentals, I was able to speak with some local riders who told me about some by pass routes that brings you to roughly the half way point of the main trail, known as "Yumby Numby". This sounded perfect to me and the trail head was located close to our hotel and the main bike park where all the rentals are.

    So here I am on Friday morning, bike rented, a Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt (Canadian brand), 650b, 120 Front and 120 back, exactly what I have back home. The only difference was the 1x11 set up and flat pedals, two things I'm not used to but been curious to check out. I started my ride around right around 9am from the hotel, headed down the road to a small trail head that brought me to a fire road. From here is a short but steep climb, a couple of twists and to the start of the actual Yumby Numby trail. Entered the trail and rode for about .25 km before I hit another fire road. Took a right and spotted another single track entrance so I entered. This trail was very steep and not suitable for climbing. I was thinking to myself "this is what the dudes out here ride? Damn they must be good!" Luckily another rider comes riding the opposite way and I ask if I was on the right trail. He said nope and that I'd be walking for a while if I continued. We both walked back to the Fire rd and he pointed me in the right direction, up a fire road, switch back and the trail was to the left. So I went on my way after many thanks to the local. Hit Yumby Numby and started the climb. Although not as bad the rouge trail I was on, this trail was also very demanding, rocks, roots, switch backs, obstacles, challenging but fun. Yumby Numby is 1.4 miles, 9% grade and climbs 708 ft (per strava segment). No single foot, meter, km, on this trail is easy to come by, everything has to be earned. I had trouble getting used to flats and my feet kept slipping off which annoyed me but I got used to it after a while.

    While on Yumby Numby, another local come riding by and gives me some heads up on where the turn offs were, as they are not easily marked. This guy was riding with his girlfriend who was a little slower so for a while he kept passing me and then stopping to wait for his friend so each time I caught up to him, I would ask where I was. This process lasted for a couple miles and actually helped me located the turnoff for Comfortably Numb and a trail by pass called the "Golden Door". Once on CN, not much changed, roots, rocks, technical sections, bridges, switchbacks, fun riding!

    Once I reached Golden Door ( a trail by pass which links a large section of CN to the other to allow a sort of loop ride, my planned route), the pair headed off towards the northern part of CN and I to the South. As I would come to find out, the route the local pair was taking is the preferred route ridden by the locals and I would soon found out why. This is where the trail got Reeaall tech. The rocks turned into to boulders, the trees thinner, the obstacles much more intense. I'm not gonna lie, I was quite regularly hopping off my bike in many spots. Kudos to any rider that could clear some of these sections, and I know it can be done, just not me, yet!

    Some of the views from this part of the trail were the very best and I'm glad I got to witness it. As stated earlier, this portion of the trail comprises a sort of loop. Once out of this loop it was back to the direction I cam from on CN, past Yumby Numby and down a segment of CN called "Foreplay". The trail changed quite a but here, it featured loose rock sections, steep drops, exposed sun light, reminded me a lot of the Sam Merrills in Altadena ( without the 50 foot cliff exposure). By the time I reached the end of this trail I was beat, and still had a ride back to the hotel, luckily it was on smoothed out double track and pavement with a short climb up the hill to the hotel. The temps in Whistler this day were actually higher than that of LA, low to mid 90's but riding in the shade made this ride bearable based on the physical exertion necessary to complete the ride, 10.3 Miles - 2700 ft Gain.

    <a class="postlink" href="https://www.strava.com/activities/338440832" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">https://www.strava.com/activities/338440832</a>

    I really had a blast on this ride and am so glad that I got to ride a real trail in such an awesome MTB destination. In retrospect, next time I get the opportunity to do this ride, I will follow the same route most of the locals ride, which is up Yumby Numby, through Golden Door, down CN (skipping the strenuous loop section of CN I rode) and on to a descent call Jeff's Trail. I think the locals have figured out that this is the best and most enjoyable ride.

    I did one extra ride that day and it was with my son Gio, on some of the easier trails around Whistler in a section called Lost Lake, which features intermediate to easy trails. We both had a blast and he did great on these trails riding 9.3 miles and climbing 1145 ft, not bad!

    <a class="postlink" href="https://www.strava.com/activities/338584959" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">https://www.strava.com/activities/338584959</a>

    I highly recommend Whistler as a vacation place, not only to ride but to spend with the family as well. I hope you enjoyed reading this and sorry so long :?

    Yumby Numby.jpg

    Rocky Mountain Rental.jpg

    Tech Rock Drop.jpg

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    Gio Rding!.jpg
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    That was a great read... And not too long at all! Thank you... :)

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    Great riding - great reporting. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Beautiful pictures make us all a little jealous! And kudos to your son too! :thumbup: :clap:
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    Thanks cisco !!! those pics are really nice and kudos to Gio for that climb ! I bet a beer for you and a root beer for him was waiting for you guys at the end of the ride...
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    Great write up Cisco. Now welcome back to the heat and smog... :p
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    A very well written report with great pics! Huge kudos to your rockstah son, Gio for knocking out the miles AND climb. :clap: Very impressed! What a great pic of him!
    Awesome that your family is so outdoors oriented. I'm blessed to be in the same boat as Cathy is quite the outdoors girl!
    Thanks so much for a great ride report my Brother!

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    good stuff!
    so many trails up there. i spent 6 weeks one summer living up there, you can ride forever and always hit different stuff.