Yeti SB 130 vs SB 150

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews' started by herzalot, Dec 15, 2018.

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  1. herzalot

    herzalot iMTB Hooligan

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    I am always curious about the latest and greatest bikes out there. ALL bikes over say $2k are great these days, but Yeti have always had a fit and ride characteristics that seems tailor made for me. I can't afford one, and I don't have any connections, so I am not considering. But since these are two of bikes at the top of many people's wish list, take a look at this video. Don't worry, the riding gets rowdy after 3:00.

    Warning, the video is interrupted twice with embedded ads, but you can skip them in 5 seconds. An annoying new trend.

    I'm thinking the GG Smash might be in the same category as the SB-150. In fact, they use the word "smash" a few times in this video.
  2. CBone

    CBone Well-Known Member

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    Saw this about the SB-130 today on PB.

    I like yumyum's bike reviews. My son lives close to Corner Canyon where yumyum rides and has talked to him a time or two.
    I've ridden in that area before. I earned my screen name on a trail there on my first descent. OTB not 50 yds down the trail:eek:
  3. Cisco Roots

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    If I could buy a Yeti today, me being in the same boat as @herzalot currently not in the budget, but if I could, I would buy the SB100. That thing is sexy!

    Between the two, Sb 130 and 150, I’d pbly go w the 130 since it’s capable of gnarly descents but not too big where I could pedal it on long rides. Both are sweet lookin bikes though and I’d gladly take either one if money was no thang!
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  4. Luis

    Luis iMTB Addict

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    I’ve only had the chance to ride the SB130 but I did take it on a brutal test ride in the San Gabes. Great climbing bike and pretty capable on the slow technical sections. I rode a size LG frame with a slightly longer stem than the 45mm it comes with. At speed it felt kinda squirrelly but I think that was due to the suspension settings.
    C7959998-36A9-444E-9C29-0494FCBADDDB.jpeg 9C95FE02-F4D7-4362-8D6D-B65F98AF04C5.jpeg

    Only issue I had with the bike were the squealing Shimano brakes

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