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    Wrightwood is a sleeper when it comes to Mountain Biking in my opinion...

    To think I would drive 2 hours to go ride in Wrightwood to some, may seem not worth it. But I'm here to tell you Wrightwood is awesome!
    Sunday, while the temperatures in the Antelope Valley were breaching 110 degrees, Scottay, Hill^billy and I were up slugfesting a myriad of singletrack where at it's warmest... was a cruisin 74 degrees under a heavy canopy of dark clouds just looking for an excuse to drop some moisture. At one point soaked from climbing, climbing, climbing; I was actually cold in the upper altitudes as we prepared to bomb the next singletrack.

    The ride was called by Hill^billy who was willing to go up to ride Wrightwood "One More Time" that week for his buddy Mikie who had not got in a ride since last Friday due to double flats on McGill Trail. Originally posted as a 9:00am ride, it got set back an hour to 8:00am out of fear of the oncoming heat. We were meeting at good ole Jackson Lake which is actually a large pond, which today is more like a hole with some water in it. So to call it Jackson Hole would lead you to believe it was in Wyoming . . . but there is no comparison. :roll:

    Now yah gotta understand something, Hill^billy WILL BE late for his funeral. This is as predictable as time itself. So me showing up at 7:35am after getting up at 4:55am would by no means assist him in being on time. So after showing up at 8:12 with Scottay riding shotgun and then telling me we were going to shuttle . . . . . . I fired the ride leader! :eek: Yep! Fired his azz! :shock: I blame Scottay for H^B's decay in MTB integrity to actually load up and go to a drop point... :lol:

    Now I was already grumpy due to Job related things out of my control, so I needed to calm down and enjoy the day. So once they assured me that we were indeed going to have a climbfest day, I backed off and conceded to load my bike in the back of their truck and drive to Inspiration point to start our ride, leaving the Time Machine to sit in the parking lot of Jackson Lake by it's lonesome.

    Parking at Inspiration Point, we saddled up and headed out on the Blue Ridge Fire Road and climbed for several miles up and past the drop in point of Blue Ridge Trail. I had picked up a couple of front tires (2.35 Hans Dampf's) for my Yeti but did not have the time (or the extra money) to buy a new rear. So I threw on a Kenda 2.10 Happy Medium I had sitting on the shop shelf I got from the Kenda Rep upon telling him his tires were fashizzle (<-- That means bad!). Have you ever tried one??? The roll resistance was next to nothing!!! Coupled with my J.O.B. angst and not riding for over a week, I felt very fresh and full of myself and took off. Even at cruise I felt the bike was practically rolling up hill. NICE!

    After some climbing we came to SOT and jumped on heading east out to the look out point. By that time I was back to my usual dumbazz self and having a good time. We headed back West the way we came just soaking in all the singletrack. Dropped on to Blue Ridge Fire Road and then attempted to bomb Blue Ridge Trail on a Sunday.....uh, aint gonna happen. Although we did enjoy ourselves there were enough weekend hikers to bring us to bursts of fun. Thank goodness for the Vaporman Power Bell! Oh!!?!? You haven't got yours yet? :eek: But we knew that going into it.

    Hitting the highway, we dropped on to Leprechaun/Lucky Charms with KOM Hill^billy leading, then Scottay, and then myself. It was the 2nd time I had ever ridden it, not sure of myself along with the "Happy Medium" Kenda on the back, I was not sure how it would handle the trail. So I rode behind Scottay who was at that point having an off day. We came to one point where he dismounted but did an excellent job of saving death, destruction, and a helicopter ride to emergency, and instead got a little scratched up on his right leg but hey, that's Mountain Biking!

    At the bottom of Lucky Charms (it's magically delicious), we had to climb back up to the road. The tiny deer flies were insane! :x instead of the maybe 5 to 6 flies there were 25. I inhaled like 5 or 6 on the climb out. The only bummer to the day.

    Once back to the road we putted over to Jackson Lake and got some food, and then set out to climb Middle Jackson Trail to the top.
    I will NEVER bitch at Hill^billy again about getting enough climbing again! :oops: I remember way back in the day we used to train up this trail. It's steep! It would have been fine if we started with this but we were finishing with this! I lead it out but about midway, stopping and gasping for air and to let my legs get some feeling back in them, Hill^billy went by. I followed Hill^billy at distance and when we finally hit the top. I ate every word I said about shuttling to avoid some climbing. That last trail hurt!

    We hit a little SOT and then dropped in on Deer Trail (It's an okay trail, better than climbing at that point!). But it led to Boyscout Trail which rocked!!! Taking Boyscout all the way back to Jackson Lake Trail it drops us right back into the parking lot where the Mini was parked. Very Nice!

    Scottay stayed with the bikes and I hauled H^B back up to his truck at Inspiration Point. Cruising back down to Jackson Lake I said thanks and goodbye to Scottay and headed home. When I left it was 74 degrees. When I hit Lake LA to get gas it was 104 degrees! By the time I was home I had passed through 110 degrees on the 138.

    When we were all said and done we had rode only 27.4 miles but we climbed according to STRAVA 4,125 feet. On Garmin connect it calc'ed at over 5,000 feet.
    We rode 85% singletrack all day with amazing views, lots of trees, AND; in excellent company. Big Bear is awesome no doubt, but little Big Bear (Wrightwood) is pretty awesome as well!

    Oh, and Hill^billy, you did a rockin' good job of putting the ride together!!! Eat . . . my . . . words! :cool:

















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    Great RR. I really need to get up there before the snow comes. I would gladly drive, the close to 2 hours, for this ride.
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    Hey Mikie, I by no means was thinking of pay back at the time of our ride, but now that I think about it, the Burkhart, and this recent ride in WW ,can be considered as pay back for the ride from hell we went on by your house, to the 110* desert floor. It takes two rides of suffer fest to make up for that one :lol: Well maybe not cause because you are sick, I think you enjoyed both of the for mentioned rides. :cool:
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    Is the boy scout trail the new trail you found? Mikie says it rocked but it didn't sound that great when you told me about it, if it's the new trail you found.
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    No, new signs say Lower Jackson is Boy Scout, the new trail has a sign also because they just reworked it all the way through, it is called Fenner. Short but fast, flowy, sweet. Takes you to a FR that you could take back to Jackson Lake or to back where Boy Scout starts.
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    Great ride report Mikie. I was jealous when I saw that you guys hit it Sunday. Hope I can make the next one.