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    @scan and I met at Jackson Lake yesterday for some Wrightwood trail goodness. Rode up Big Pines Hwy to Table Mountain. Did the little section of Table Top still heading east then back to the pavement to hit a new to me loop that I found a few weeks ago. This trail is a 1.4 mile loop on the east end of Table Mountain. It's like an upper beginner version of the Deer Trail; narrow, lots of pine needles and sweeping turns but not as steep and tight as Deer. Then a much tougher trail drops down to the horse corral with very steep, rocky and tight turns in loose dirt. Past the corral and then down the fun switchbacks of Table Top to Hwy 2.

    We got to the Big Pines lodge when @scan, in order to preserve domestic tranquility, had to leave to pick up his daughter in Santa Clarita. He dropped down Faultline (although he was toying with doing Leprechaun) back to the lake. I pressed on through Mt. High to Grassy Hollow visitors' center and then to Deer Trail and Boy Scout.

    Table Top was a bit rutted out and sandy due to last week's thunderstorms but the rest of the trails still had some semi-damp hero dirt left so turns were railed:thumbsup:! Here's the pics.

    @scan and me really bug each other. The nets helped a little.
    Cool views of the high desert. We liked how the clouds and their shadows were lined up.
    Bar shot of the 1.4 mile trail climbing portion.
    @scan cruising Table Top
    The Last Boy Scout. Great evening finish to the ride.
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    My group stumbled upon that trail last here. Good times.
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    Thanks MD for showing that newer section of ST. Cooler up there in WW and always great to get up there with the trees:thumbsup::thumbsup:.



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    Could one of you hooligans post a STRAVA map of the ride so I can understand where the new section is?
    Thanks for the post and pics!
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    From One hooligan to another

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