Whitefish Montana and Fernie BC - July 9 - 16

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    From July 9 - July 16, 2018, a group of us from around the SCV went to stay at our condo in downtown Whitefish Montana with the intent of OD'ing on MTB. We did plus we had some side fun with hiking, sight seeing, food and racing as well.

    Eight of us went up--four old guys (Randy G, Kevin C, Fadi A, and Tony A) along with four young FAST guys (Riley S, Trevor M, Blake M, and Parker A). We rode all over the area and in spite of having ridden there ten or more times, of the eight or so rides we did, only two were in areas/trails that I've ridden before and there's still MUCH more to discover.

    We rode everything from the Whitefish Mountain bike park (done many times) to the Whitefish Trails (done some, but lots of new stuff this time), Ridgemont trails in Fernie (all new to us), Mt. Fernie Provincial Park (amazing), and lots more. We are just scratching the surface there in that we didn't even hit any back country epic trails like Beardance or Alpine 7 or Alpine 9 or Foys or.....you get the picture. Speaking of pictures, here are a few. We had too much fun to take more!

    Also note that the young guys raced in the Montana State enduro on Sunday at Whitefish Mountain Resort where Parker and Blake finished #1 and #2 overall out of more than 100 riders! Those young guys are awesome! Oh, yea and we hiked and toured a small part of Glacier National Park for one day off. One of the most amazing places on earth.

    SORRY that the photos below aren't in chronological order...not sure why and don't have time to fix.

    Trevor airing out at Fernie BC bike park in town.IMG_0553.jpg
    Parker doing the same.IMG_0568.jpg
    Kevin and Tony riding over a great bridge on the Lizard trail in the amazing Fernie Provincial Park trail network!
    Went for a walk Monday night after arrival of the old dudes. Young guys drove up! 10P and people are still on the gorgeous Whitefish lake. A short walk from the condo. On the day we all went to Fernie Canada, Fadi stayed back (no passport) and he rode the mountain and then rented a SeaDoo and rode the lake for 4 hours. IMG_0595.jpg
    Ever seen this lower sign when riding? Good one.IMG_2296.jpg
    A couple kayaking along the river near the condo about 9:45P.IMG_2312.jpg
    The Whitefish Trails at Lion Mountain.
    IMG_0559.jpg IMG_2308.jpg
    Haskill basin trails. Brand new and great.
    IMG_2324.jpg IMG_0570.jpg IMG_2332.jpg

    Rental bikes stored on the huge deck.IMG_2316.jpg IMG_2317.jpg IMG_2349.jpg IMG_2360.jpg
    Not how you should find yourself. Jump to warp drive...miss key corner...land in fire ant nest. Rare mistakes for Parker and Blake.
    As I said, unfortunately out of order, but this is the parking area in Fernie near the pump and jump track and gateway to one of the major trail networks. Miles of trails accessible from here...and great food and drink.
    Randy bombing down Lizard trail watching out for angry and dangerous moose. Fernie Provincial park.
    Typical sights around Fernie. Parker at one of the overlooks opposite the ski area bike park.
    More Lizard trail. Don't miss the Provincial Park!
    From near to far: Riley S, Blake M, Parker A, and Trevor M.IMG_2396.jpg
    The famous Highline trail leaving Glacier visitor center at Logan Pass. I think it's part of the CDT.
    IMG_2393.jpg IMG_2427.jpg
    A couple of young ladies caught the attention of the boys. They had hiked and scrambled to the top of the nearby glacier and decided to snowboard down. One had a yard sale.
    Some of the wildlife is quite tame.
    Glacial lakes at the top of the hike. Randy was the only one that sat back at the visitor center and refused to hike. Nuts. He still got ice cream though.
    Typical views around Glacier Park.
    The 1936 restored open-top Ford busses that ferry people around the park.
    Up on one of the trails in Fernie. Stunning views.
    Loved this guy's shirt at Costco. Said something like: "Who needs an AR-15?" and the response was something like "Well, nobody needs a whiny little bitch either, but here you are"
    Parked outside my condo one of the nicest, uncut late 70s Broncos I've ever seen. I want it.
    A nearby golf course when I ventured out on a solo evening ride at 8P.
    Blake M is one cool young guy. He came PREPARED for racing. This is his "travel" tool kit (it has another layer) and he brought a bin of parts including multiple tires, tubes, cranks, cassettes, mechs, seats, bars, stem, brakes and more! We were as well equipped as any bike shop nearby and there are three bike shops near my place. The old guys all rented Specialized Stumpjumpers - 2018 models.

    Parker accepting his 1st place recognition after winning the Pro class and overall at Montana Enduro. See the Pinkbike write-up on it.

    Parker on Run Away Train with the fastest time of the day. He and Blake battled for fastest segments all day.
    IMG_2479.jpg IMG_2551.jpg IMG_2564.jpg

    Some of the best ice cream you'll ever have and it's less than 500 feet from the condo--too close!
    Boys packed and ready to drive to Montana in 17 hours. Loaded!
    UNRELATED, but this is the Ripmo I just build, but have only been able to ride briefly before departing for Montana. Can't wait to get on it!

    Hit me up if you want to go up. Turns out Mikie SHOULD have gone. I have two properties up there near the trails and near Canada. I'll give IMTB members a discount.

    Also unrelated and unable to delete! This is from today's gravel ride around SCV. Good to be back to family and bad to be away from Montana!

    For those curious about the condo I mention in the thread, here it is:

    Also: @luxwhitefishph
    Hit me up if you are ever interested. I also have a rental property on the ski/bike mountain that sleeps more people.
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    Awesome post. I guess I need to add Montana to the list of places to ride.Too many cool places to ride and not enough time....or enough friends willing to go on a big trip to MTB.
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    Oh my simply amazing @AKAKTM. Got a good laugh seeing Fadi in his signature Hawaiian shorts and you calling him one of the old guys:Roflmao. Kudos to theyoung guns and their racing efforts:thumbsup:. Great report.
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    Wow...Whitefish done right. TFPU!!!

    You didn’t even mention that it’s virtually on the GDMBR. :thumbsup:
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    Great pics and report!!!
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    Ever biked any trails in the 10 lakes scenic recreation area?
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    406er, I have not. I haven't even heard about it. Have you? If so, can you tell me more for next time I'm up.
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    Incredible - and I think I hate you a little.
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    Just seen it on the map. Would also love to ride Thayer & Alpine #7.
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    Don't know what's going on, but Pinkbike featured Fernie on their home page yesterday and that's not too big a surprise given they are in Canada. Now check this out. Vital MTB featured Whitefish Mountain on their home page yesterday. Great footage covering more than half the trails on the mountain in the bike park. There are more than 100 more miles of single track in the immediate area of the town plus these featured trails!

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    The clips are nice (but too long).
    The views epic!