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    Hmmm how to make this short. I am a pay it forward guy, those of you who know me ... know that I feel very strongly about that, I have been very fortunate. We have some very nice furniture that I would like to go to someone in my extended circle. Why am I passing these on... remodeled.

    2 Tables : Room and Board : Modern Classic : 1" + Real WoodBoth in very good condition could use a little TLC (couple scratches) if desired but not needed.

    1 Hand Made 2 piece book shelf built by my Wife's Father. Why am passing it on, we have a lot of his hand made in the house and actually our cabinet maker converted the big book shelf into a permanent built-in... amazing, we no longer have room for this.

    Thinking $100 each, if that is too much and you want any of them.. PM me...we can chat. You will need to come and pick them up.

    1st) Table is technically a desk: Real Wood Walnut 72x30 desk Parsons Desk from Room and Board. This thing is *solid* its a 50+ year piece of furniture. There is a tiny bit of rust on the steel legs... this was my desk for 10 years... we live at the beach. Could be a dinner table as well!

    2nd) 40x40 Real Birch, Real Stainless Steel Base: Another solid table, it is very close to this table ... yup...

    IMG_20180707_110411.jpg IMG_20180707_110425.jpg

    3rd: Hand made Oak 2 piece book shelf. The one window (plexy-glass) is broken and needs to be replaced can be replaced with real glass as well. It is made to be replaceable. Could probably use a little TLC etc. There are 3 shelves as well, they are just not installed in the pic. Those are separate pieces.
    IMG_20180707_110749.jpg IMG_20180707_110742.jpg

    Thinking $100 each, if that is too much PM me, we can chat. You will need to come and pick them up.

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