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Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by mike, Jan 25, 2015.

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  1. mike

    mike iMTB Hooligan

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    Mike O
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    Hit the soudtrack and enjoy some Pepper:


    The Sunday forecast for wind and heat never seemed to materialize. Just a cool, breezy day with cloud cover. I took off for Bell Ridge with a bailout plan down Yeager Mesa, which I didn't take ultimately.

    Hikers/riders on Trabuco Creek: 0
    Hikers/riders on Los Piños: 0
    Hikers/riders on Bell Ridge: 0
    Hikers/riders on Dingong: 0

    It's time like these that you feel that tiny twinge of guilt (and then hear evil laughter).


    Bob the slobcat doesn't even try to bury it.


    Long Beach out thar. Signal Hill marks the spot.


    Santiago Peak. The ridge in its foreground separates Holy Jim and Trabuco drainages. There was a phone line running up this ridge at one time, connected to a fire lookout that is long gone. Remnants of the phone line and burned up posts are still there on the ridge.


    Looking back at the ride's high point, Los Piños Peak (background).


    Almost to the point where Dingdong drops into the drainage. Cadillac switchbacks across the way.


    Santa Catalina and San Clemente islands in view with RSM in the fore.


    The innocuous start to the funfest Dingdong. I just barely got it clean to the bottom; a first for me pretty sure. This trail is a blast of steep-ish techie ST with rough sections and tight switchbacks. A nice treat to finish up your ST with.

    Rode the Can't See Bottom ride-around trail for the first time. Some washed-out sections are dismount terrain for me. As a rule I don't try CSB when solo. A couple of slide-outs on Bell ruts/loose but otherwise stayed up.

    BR is a spectacular foray into the lesser traveled and rougher trails in CNF. It feels more remote than it is, and there is a lot of cruiser terrain between tech sections, including lots of ridable climbing. One main HAB is the price of entry. You even tag a summit with USGS markers and a summit register. Put it on your list if you eschew super buff trails for a bit of destination riding and (maybe) solitude.

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  2. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
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    Wow mike!
    Niceage on the rideage mileage! I continue to get engrossed in your verbiage choices! Colorful and enticing. Great pics too.
    I gotta get back down there and attempt (I say attempt) to hang with you on some of your death marches! haha!
    Great job brothah!!

  3. Faust29

    Faust29 iMTB Hooligan

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    3 SC is now 2 SC.
    Very nice...

    I haven't been up there in forever. My son left the house at 4:00 the day we had the big snowstorm, and ran to the flag to play in the snow. If I weren't so groggy, I would have gone along! There was quite a bit on the ground there.
  4. herzalot

    herzalot iMTB Hooligan

    Laguna Beach
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    '15 Tracer and/or Megatower?
    Nice RR and music selections. And photos. Thanks!

  5. hill^billy

    hill^billy Well-Known Member

    I often see 0 people where I ride also, and like it! Thanks for the report, and do ware a camel pack?
  6. mike

    mike iMTB Hooligan

    Western US
    Mike O
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    GG Smash
    Yea, that was one crazy weather event, eh? Right after the hottest year on record. What next?... Sounds like we're screwed, better go ride like hell :cool:

    Mikie, this is no death march, and a good value mileage:fun ST. I never rode big ridges before riding in the Santa Anas. They are a freaking blast but maybe a slightly acquired taste due to the lack of buff.

    Killer CNF Santa Anas ridge rides:
    Los Piños
    Bell Ridge

    Put em on your list, or do them again to remind yourself how fun they are.

    PS hillbilly, awesome you have a spot(s) to get solitary. People seem to think its so hard to avoid crowds. You just gotta be savvy :cool: Yes I wore my Wingnut pack I've been droning on about. I like to offload stuff sometimes to the bike. I put small/heavy items like tools in those frame packs to get my backpack weight down. I'm going to make a frame pack specifically for that frame/shock which will replace that lower one, which is really a top tube/seat post bag. Cheers, doggie.
  7. ridinrox

    ridinrox Well-Known Member

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    '16 Giant Trance Advance
    Nice ride Mike!!

    Your reports get me jonesin to ride BR again w you, maybe even Los Pinos too - I do like pain. ;)

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