Tour de Chino Hills

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    Well... 6:30 roll time from Brush Canyon Park in Yorba Linda (?) with three single speeds, @mtnbikej and @singlespeedrider . 37 degrees and I could barely feel my fingers and toes. By the end we were baking in 93 degree heat. :confused:

    A couple miles down the railroad bed along the tracks, and into the park... Most of the fire road climbs are a blur, but the single tracks were awesome. Well... South Ridge isn't a blur. We did it twice. :gag: :D Raptor, Faultline, Bane Ridge, Sidewinder, Bovinian were all awesome. Not awesome as in technical... More awesome as in the way Golden Eagle is awesome, but twice as steep. The single tracks out there are fast. 35 mph in a few spots... The really big exception to the fast and flowy description is (@H2oChick) "Kay's Corner", which is about 6 inches wide with loose exposure. Not hard to see how someone could go over there.

    We made a new friend... Andrew who asked to hang with us going down Bane Ridge. When he flatted, he was pretty grateful that it was fixable with a tire plug even before he lost much air. :thumbsup:

    Fun day... Finishing up with 6 miles on Skully Ridge up and down with some actual grass on the trail. :thumbsup: And a little extra credit along the railroad tracks to get to an even 50. :thumbsup:




    One of these is not like the other.

    Untitled 2.jpg
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    I'm green with envy over that XTC in the middle of your three-bike picture. I need to sell my Defy to finance that frame...:(

    Oh, and great numbers on the ride. Looks like I missed out!! :eek:
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    Threw this ride out early last a couple of takers. @Faust29 and @singlespeedrider . We rolled right on time. Yeah, it started off pretty chilly. However knowing it was gonna warm up, I didn't wanna drag a bunch of stuff around with me.....cold, but tolerable.

    Now I have done this ride already, so I knew what to expect, plus I ride these trails a bit more regularly than the others.

    From Brush Canyon Park, along the choo-choo tracks then up Lower Aliso. Pace was good.

    First climb up would be South Ridge to San Juan Hill....there was a bit of walking, but there are some steep spots and we were still warming up. From San Juan Hill, we took South Ridge all the way down to Diemer. It was still early and the road was clear til we got closer to the Fairmont entrance. Think Mark scared a couple ladies on a blind turn(yes they were walking 3 across) and I rang my bell. It went quick. Down Diemer and up Telegraph. Once again in the shade, the temps were cool. Not fast, but we kept the pace consistent.

    Few miles up we turned off onto Sycamore. As we headed up, you could feel the temps going up. The lower section is a gentle grade, then about 1/2 way up it ramps up. Think someone was hoping that someone else would give in and walk...but we reached the top before that happened. Quick climb on North Ridge over to Gilman Peak...where we were joined by another group of riders.....wth??? there is never anyone out here. They rolled back on North Ridge before us. We would catch up and pass them when the bigger climbing started. Fast run down to 4 corners.....we didn't stop, it was pretty we rolled right into Raptor and Faultline. First run we had it to ourselves. Faultline is getting choppy, but it is still fast and fun. At the bottom, made the left turn and began the traverse over to Sidewinder via Upper Aliso.

    Sidewinder is a fun singletrack....has some steep sections that I can't control my HR on so there is a few HAB spots. At the top of Bane Ridge, we were joined by Andrew...he had never been on the back side of the park as he asked if you could join in going down Bane. Apparently there was a tire issue towards the top. Short water stop at the bottom. Water was cold.

    This would set us up for a 2nd ascent of South Ridge. Last time I did this route, this part hurt. We didn't push the pace too much. This time we took the spur trail over to Telegraph....the easy way. This time 4 corners was much quieter. Quick out and back on Bovinian. A few runners, but no bikes. We would pass these same runners again on the start of Faultline. 2nd run down Raptor/Faultline everybody had an idea of what was ahead. Again a quick water stop at Rolling M Ranch. From here we took Bane Canyon up to Bane Ridge for another go at tire issues this time.

    One last water stop at the horse camping. Mark was feeling his legs and it was getting pretty toasty out. We started climbing Scully Ridge. When I looked down and saw 93* the decision was made to skip the out and back on Bobcat Ridge. Scully Ridge was in great shape. The last couple of times it has been pretty loose. was covered in a short layer of green grass. Nice and hardpacked, but it was a little slippery in the high speed turns. The last couple of climbs went by pretty quick...before we made the plunge down to the entrance at Green River Golf Course and RR Tracks. We had a bit of a headwind next to the choo-choo is normal for this time of day.

    We continued on down the tracks a ways as we came up short on mileage.

    Good times guys to ride with. Good pacing.
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    Oh you guys... :confused: o_O:eek: :bang: :stop:

    Nothing left to say. Thank you for continuing to make all other mt. bikers look like fatass whimps.
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    I’m not the long wordy ride report guy like the other two but here it goes.

    Saw this ride pop up and with vision quest coming up fast I knew I needed to jump on it. I have not been riding much and knew I would struggle but also knew I had the mileage (maybe slow) in me. @mtnbikej is a great tour guide and ride leader. He kept me and @Faust29 updated on where we were and what to expect. As far as the ride it was a lot of ups followed by lots of downs. Like expected I struggled at the end but am here to write about it. Will I join in on the death marches again, yes and it opened up my eyes to all the Chino Hills has to offer.

    Good times were had and the candy bar, coke and beef jerkey after were amazing.
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    Nice stats - again a week's worth of my rides all in one day.
    And thanks for the shout out on Sidewinder, one day that corner will be my beyatch!