The B.O.M.B. Mulholland Maneuver

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Mikie, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
    Current Bike:
    Santa Cruz Hightower/Yeti 5C
    For the lack of knowing what to REALLY call this loop... ;)
    I really needed to get out and get a few miles in with a little climbing. This Achilles thing is REALLY starting to get on my nerves. I need to be training big time for Kokopelli and here I am nursing an Achilles Tendonitis . . . :cry:
    Posted in trailhead I was on the lookout for something relatively close which means within 1 hour and 15 min drive time and UPSed said he was riding with B.O.M.B.

    B.O.M.B.? . . . . Tom the Bomb? Bomb Squad? A real Bomb Squad like guys that go out and defuse bombs and then go for a mountain bike ride?

    Nope! Believers On Mountain Bikes (B.O.M.B.) a Christian Mountain Bike Club out of Ventura. So I said Hell YES! er.... I mean oh goody?

    None the less these guys were way cool, strong climbers but I have to say, UPSed and I are hard to contain on the descents . . . ;) heh heh heh!

    Here is my STRAVA: <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>

    Ed texts me the direction (like I knew what directions in LA would even mean) and states, "Exit on Topanga heading South until you hit Mulholland and make a left until it "Dead Ends" (Mulholland Dead Ends?)... So I text him back and say DUDE! I am LA illiterate! What town is Topanga in? I gave it a guess and texted Interstate 5/405/118? Close! Interstate 5/405/101... Ohhhhhh!

    So I arrive at Mulholland and make my left and it's all residential. So I get to the end and it jogs to the right and keeps going as a DIRT ROAD! They have dirt roads in LA? One named MULHOLLAND? Stoopid kids from the sticks... So I go to the REAL dead end of Mulholland and I'm thinking, Nahhh! This ain't it." Turn around and start heading back to the street and I see this car parked on a side street right across from a trailhead called Mulholland Trail. I'm thinking this must be the place. But this black Toyota SUV has really dark windows and I can't see inside parked behind him. I wait, and wait, and wait... I text UPSed, I try calling him...

    This guy comes pulling up to the SUV and gets off his bike and starts removing his gear. Apparently he is not with the group and just finished his ride. I'm sitting in my Mini waiting for him to turn around and at least wave...nope. So I finally get out of the car and walk towards him and I start talking to him and he looks like he can not hear me. Then I finally see the ear buds in his ears. So I walk up closer waiting for him to turn around. I know now that he has seen me out of the corner of his eye but still he does not even acknowledge my presence...weird.

    So I ask him, "Excuse me... Is this where everyone parks to start the rides in this area?" ...nothing.
    I walk a little closer, maybe 7 feet away.

    "Hey bud, is this where everyone...."

    "Get away from me... now", he grimaces sternly.

    "What?", I say.

    "Go away right now", he retorts.

    "Why?", I say.

    "Because I just told you to."

    I thought sure if I asked him anything else he would light into me and I would much rather ride than get into a punch so I walked away kinda in shock. "What a DOUCHE BAG", I'm thinking.

    A lady was waking by with her dog (on a leash mtnbikej ;) ) and she says to me, "Well it WAS a nice Saturday". Yeah, she heard him from across the street.
    I smiled at her and I said, "It still IS an awesome Saturday". And I got in my car and figured I made a mistake in direction and missed the ride, so I was heading home.

    As I got back down to the start of the paved Mulholland there was some new cars there, that was not there when I passed by earlier. It was them, and I did not miss the ride.

    We got suited up and we took off. One guy, Scott was riding a singlespeed..." of THOSE GUYS. They are always good climbers, and he was. But we had a nice ride.

    When we hit Backbone it had some nice sections of chunk and Ed and I railed that to the bottom. When we got there...there was several directions we could go. So we waited, and waited, and waited. Finally UPSed got a text from Doug (the ride leader) and said that Scott had broken his frame . . . again. So he was headed back walking. Never saw Scott the rest of the day.

    We got to this Park and then road a little road (I think it was Sunset) where everyone said it was the most dangerous part of the ride. Hmmm, figure, we are talking about cars.

    We climbed up into a residential area and the houses were pretty swank in that area. We hit a fire road and climbed for a while then dropped on what they called in that area "The Luge" but not to be mistaken with the one down in OC. This was also called Goat Trail. Super steep and switch backie. I was surprised to see some hikers on it. At the bottom we started up a long gradual climb through Sullivan Canyon. We were in the bottom of the canyon with lots of overhead trees. Lots of hikers and mountain bikers flying down it.

    Finally at the top, I met this solo girl riding a suhweet brand spanking new full suspended black and red Niner. Man! She could talk. Obviously a serious rider and as she kept talking I'm thinking, "How is it possible that I know her?" Turns out it was Cheryl Parish. (Berni . . . she says she still loves you! She said you are mad at her. Dude! How can you be made at Cheryl!?!?! :roll: ) I know Cheryl from Facebook, small world huh? I should have got a pic of Cheryl... :(

    So now we are on the fire road back to Mulholland. The hard stuff is done and we were now just riding some big Fire Road rollers and then dropping back down to the vehicles.

    Doug and UPSed had ridden to the trailhead so they had some significant miles in even prior to us starting our ride. I was still feeling pretty fresh for riding some unknown trails and had no idea what our mileage would be...

    These were some cool guys, and I really enjoyed my day. But my adventure was NOT over...

    I jumped on the 101 Freeway... to a dead stop. It was stop and STOP traffic. Kinda like a really long parking lot. Arghhhhh! How do you people do this on a regular basis.

    I had people on my bumper . . . people cutting me off . . . I'm looking straight ahead, in my mirrors, yikes! This is insane!

    Finally at one point I just pray I get out of there alive and all of a sudden! The freeway just opens up, like the parting of the Sea! I say we ride with B.O.M.B. more often . . . ha hah!

    Holy Cow! (or...perforated Heifer) The Sea of cars . . . was gone!

    On the way home, I stopped and got Mrs. Watson and myself some of our favorite grub at Rubios, and headed home.

    Awesome day in the saddle . . . Thanks for the invite Ed!


















  2. herzalot

    herzalot iMTB Hooligan

    Laguna Beach
    Current Bike:
    '15 Tracer and/or Who Knows?
    I am thoroughly confused about your ride today, and I am too lazy to carefully re-read. All in all, it sounds like you met your objectives - a long ride and catching up with the other B.O.M.B.

    "Believers" is an interesting concept these days. I know that BOMB means it in a Christian way, but I have found that a growing segment of the country seems more apt to "believe" what they want to believe and ignore empirical, statistical, factual and scientific evidence (vaccinations as one example). Stephen Colbert was right - we prefer "truthiness" over truth. At least, that's what I choose to believe, so it must be true.

    Anyway - great ride today Mikie, and great ride report. Believe in THAT!
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  3. UPSed

    UPSed iMTB Hooligan

    Simi Valley
    Ed Bottorff
    Current Bike:
    Niner Jet 9 RDO
    Thanks again for coming down Mikie. Great report. Only got 1 pic today. Climbing Albertson at 6:40am.
    5 minutes later the sky was bright pink but I was too lazy to stop and take another picture.
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  4. AKAlan

    AKAlan Member

    Van Nuys
    You guys missed some singletrack that parallels Mulholland between Sullivan and Caballero! Known as Car Crash aka MG aka Upper Bent Arrow. I haven't been up there in ages despite it being the second closest dirt to me, part of the reason I ride is for solitude and there's not much of it in that area. Looks like you had a good ride despite the grinch at the beginning.
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  5. Varaxis

    Varaxis Well-Known Member

    Dan Vu
    Current Bike:
    Yeti SB5c ('16 Yellow v1)
    Stop and stop highway traffic :lol:
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  6. Runs with Scissors

    Runs with Scissors iMTB Hooligan

    West Anaheim
    Mark Whitaker
    Current Bike:
    2015 Giant XTC Advanced 1 29er
    Maybe the anti-social freak is the leader of Surly? Anywho, looks like a great ride, but way far north of me.
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  7. Danimal

    Danimal iMTB Rockstah

    Mission Viejo
    Current Bike:
    GG Trail Pistol!

    Good report!
    no kidding on the stop and stop traffic.
    Ventura is OK, OC is OK, but getting through LA..argghhh.
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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
    Current Bike:
    Santa Cruz Hightower/Yeti 5C
    Okay... Readers Digest Version:
    Me needed Ride
    Me GOT ride
    Me stumbled upon Jackazz with serious mental health issues before ride
    Me found right group who for the day happen to be a Christian Bike Club, and we rode bikes... :D

    Side Note: Aint it great that in America I still get to have the freedom to choose that the word "Believer" means to me a "Believer in Christ". Now if it was an ISIS Mountain Bike Club I would look at BOMB with a whole different meaning... :shock:
  9. sir crashalot

    sir crashalot Well-Known Member

    laguna beach
    gary fishman
    Current Bike:
    2018 banshee rune
    Mikie, I dunno what pedals you run but to ride without exacerbating the achilles tendonitis, ditch the clips, run flat pedals and 5-10's, and pedal with your foot much farther forward on the pedal, so teh pedal axle is almost under your ankle. at least for me it seems to reduce tension on the achilles and calf. Unless of course your shoes let you adjust the cleats that far back, im guessing most still dont though its been several years since ive used clips. I've been dealing with achilles tendinitis since November. Pedalaing is ok but not being able to go running is killing me.
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  10. bigringrider101

    bigringrider101 Well-Known Member

    Winnetka CA
    Berni Avila
    Current Bike:
    Jones Space Frame Ti truss for
    Great write up and pix Mikie. I rode a lot of the same route as you and the B.O.M.B. but I think we were just ahead of you guys. Funny thing I know Scott with the broken El Mariachi Ti. This is the second EM he breaks.
    As for the other matter where my name is mentioned... I have nothing to say.
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  11. Tom the Bomb

    Tom the Bomb Well-Known Member

    Alta Loma, Ca.
    Thomas Cosgrove
    Current Bike:
    Niner rip 9
    Yes what Sir said. Flats are definitely easier on the tendon.
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  12. Maddog

    Maddog Well-Known Member

    Greg Madison
    Current Bike:
    Intense Tracer 275
    Thanks for the RR Mikie! I rode a similar route with Doug and the B.O.M.B. guys about 7 yrs ago on New Year's day. I got them to head up our way to ride GE and Pinos about 5 yrs ago. Nice people and a great club but I lost touch with them when they ditched their website for Facebook! I don't do Facebook :shock:

    Traffic on the freeway and on the trails is not something we have to deal with up here in the sticks of north L.A. county! That's what you get when you venture into the Big City! :crazy:
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