Sunday Fun Day....Except for the Wind

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by mtnbikej, Jan 29, 2017.

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    I wanted to get in a long ride this weekend....yesterday was the preferred day, but the wind said nope, so I scheduled it for today.

    Hooked up with my friend Amy for this one. She ended up doing a bigger ride than planned yesterday and would be paying for that later.

    We rolled from the Tree Farm about 8:30 had started up Silverado. We weren't 2 minutes in before we were welcomed by a stout headwind. We pushed on and it seemed like it went by quickly....or maybe Amy was just pushing the pace.

    The gate at Maple Springs is still closed. Stopped and chatted with an old couple who were finishing their hike. The water crossings were much more manageable today. Like was reported yesterday by @bvader the paved section of Maple has been cleared of all the dirt/rock/debris that was up there. We didn't stop on the way up. Just kept going. Just before we passed the spring, we were already riding through spots of ice. There would be a lot more the rest of the way up. There was still a good amount of snow patches off the sides.

    We reached 4 Corners in comfortable time....didn't seem slow, but we were moving pretty good. At 4 Corners there were a bunch of Jeeps....turns out Bedford is open, so there were a fair number of vehicles on Main Divide.

    Very short break and we took off. It was windy and a bit chilly up there. The snow on Main Divide was pretty much gone. Took it easy on the downs....while Amy is a strong climber, she is a little timid on the DH's. The ride to the Motorway also went by kinda quick....yes, I walked the big climb. Amy was hurting a little bit around the Motorway....we didn't even stop there and just rolled past it. The big climb to get to Eagle Rd. seemed extra long today....I was tricked by the false summit on this ride. The wind was off and on.

    We dropped into Eagle Rd. It was in much better shape than I thought, but it held up to the rain pretty well. We were not fast down today, and I was ok with it. Now the drop in at the bottom was the only had a really big rut to the side. Rode most of it, but walked the middle cause it looked sketchy. After walking by is time.

    Quick spin over to Skyline....could not get a good gauge on which way the wind was blowing. Water refill at the base of was getting hot at this point and the water was cold.....ahhhhh. Amy wasn't looking forward to the climb. Again we headed up. It would go from windy, to gusty, to dead calm to downright hot at times. On the same straightaway we would have a headwind, tailwind, then a headwind again....WTF o_O I saw a rabbit a ways up and pulled away from Amy a little bit, but she was never far behind. The fact that she hadn't dropped me was a victory. The farther up we got, the windier it kept getting.

    I was supposed to do a out and back to Sierra Peak....Amy had already decided she was gonna skip it. Knowing how bad the wind blows out on Sierra Ridge, I cancelled those plans. (when I checked the weather before I left this morning, Sierra Peak was showing 25 sustained/35+ gusts....Pleasant's was 35 sustained/50+) :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    We came down Blackstar. There were lots new ruts. The pics that @Runs with Scissors posted from his ride the other day didn't do it justice. I was a bit slower down, not knowing where the new trail features were. The big washouts were not where I thought they were. The big one near the top is in a bad spot on the way down around a blind turn.

    When we made the turn at split for the Falls, we were surprised at the number of folks out hiking. Felt like all of OC was out there. People walking 3-4 abreast while walking dog in between them...."do you realize you are taking up the entire road". Lots of weaving in and out of people. Stopped to help out a couple of kids with a mechanical....unfortunately there was no fixing it on the trail. Rolled out the gate...holy crap, cars packed in on both sides of the road all the way to the driveway to Baker Ranch, yet drivers were still driving way too fast down the road.:stop::thumbsdown:

    Amy was glad to be done. She was bummed she didn't get 7000' feet. :cry:

    Was a good day on the bike...sun and snow on the same day. The wind, blew....would have liked to do the intended time.

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  2. Runs with Scissors

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    I don't think it would be possible to take pictures that do justice.
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    Calm at the coast today.

    Great ride J, and nice report. In my book, if you go up any stairs within the same day as a big ride like that, you get to count it in your vertical feet climbed. Let Amy know that. Maybe she got the extra 82 ft.
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