Stan’s ztr arch and 3.30 HD hubs

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    Dana Weinberg
    1 set of 26” Stans ztr arch wheels laced to 3.30HD hubs. The driver body has some damage. Set up for 12mm QR, but will come with 1 set of 20mm caps for the front wheel of you want to swap over. Also comes with 6” disks, but not the QR’s. $50. I’d prefer not to ship, but have the ability to meet halfway for the next couple of weeks.
    50E6E503-C353-4EFD-8F9B-6CA5971D067D.jpeg 2EB54089-2080-43B4-820E-6781357FA25A.jpeg D40D41CF-7DBC-4B9C-B47C-D814F57F4466.jpeg B586E746-3A11-45CB-907D-64FB2D8FEDCD.jpeg B6861F7A-8BF2-4956-8AD0-8A4BFDC8732C.jpeg 65EF7135-7273-44B0-9483-116AB98230E1.jpeg
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    To whoever picks these up I believe I have some spare parts and adapters as well as a steel freehub.
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    Dana Weinberg
    Sold locally.
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