Squirrel knee!

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    Ok so every few years I need a reminder why I ride bikes.

    Last weekend I was running hills in Aliso with my buddy and some rabid squirrel jumped out of the underbrush right on my flank and ran straight at me. Because it was on my periphery, and I wasn't expecting it, and all of the sudden there was thrashing in the underbrush and some f&$^&$ animal runs straight at me, I pivoted right as I came down on my leg... and my knee said "squirrel!".

    f@cking hurt for 48 hours... and even now I am tender and can't kneel. Sucks when you are trying to rehab your house.

    On the kharma front... last time I was descending Black* I hit a squirrel. And no - it wasn't a squirrel sitting in the middle of the trail. I was descending at speed and some squirrel ran out and smacked into the side of my rear wheel. I didn't run over him - but he hit me pretty hard from the side. I guess these little guys decide they are going to cross the road and THEY ARE GOING! Doesn't matter if a biker, or runner, is in their way!
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