Solo Sunday Solitary Santa Ana's Spin

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by mtnbikej, Sep 3, 2018.

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    It was time for a big ride. I had to be home for a birthday party at noon.

    I rolled out at 1:30....yup it was early, but I have been enjoying my early morning adventures.

    I wasn't 2 mins from the house when I ran across this guy:
    Fortunately he really didn't care that I was taking his picture....he just continued on his way.

    Along Santiago Creek Trail to Chapman and was uneventful. Start out into Santiago Canyon and realize there is not moon out tonight, and it is pretty dark. See about a dozen cars on the way out. kept my light off as it was bright enough to see....only turned it on when cars would approach. Made it out to the Tree Farm and looked at the time.....1:25......usually takes me 1:15. I wasn't worried as I was in cruise mode.

    Rolled down Blackstar and probably startled the homies that were hanging at the gate.....WTF? Said Good Morning and continued on. These would be the last people for many many hours. Lower canyon in Blackstar is what it is. Temps were cool and humid.....I was sweating pretty good. I ran my light on walking mode for just enough light. Still not sure how long it is actually gonna last. Up and down into Hidden Ranch....even the critters were quiet. Just as I went past the 2nd Mariposa sign I entered the soup. It wasn't bad and just made it more interesting. Up near Beeks' it got a little thicker. I couldn't see the Doplar Ball, not could I see the red lights at the Radio Station. Apparently riding by your self in the dark with barely any light make you ride slower, as I was nearly 1:25 Gate to Gate.

    At Beeks'......

    Rolled up to the saddle where you make the right turn to head to the ruins and Doplar Ball. The wind was blowing pretty good. My light wasn't doing anything and it was dark.

    Climbed up and dropped down towards Sierra Peak. Finally by the radio station the lights were finally visible in a Close Encounters of the Third Kind....kinda way....

    I was still conserving my light because it was still a few hours before sunrise. I finally gave in and turned it from Walk to Low, and even then the light was reflecting off the fog and I was in White Out. Again, it just made it interesting. The silence out here was deafining. Finally made it up to Sierra Peak to where the marker used to be.....I was gonna take a picture, but there was nothing there but darkness. The wind was swirling the fog around.

    This is going to make for an interesting run down Coal Canyon. Clicked the light up one more mode hoping it would make it a little easier on the fast descent down. Nope.....just more White Out. So it was going to be a much slower run down. About 1/2 down I finally cleared the fog and could see again.

    Overlooking 91 Fwy and Yorba Linda.....

    Under the freeway and onto SART. Quick water stop at Canyon RV Park. It was still early enough I reached the entrance to Deer Canyon Preserve and it was still dark. Made the initial climb easier. In fact it was dark all the way through the Preserve. The dogs watching over the goats made sure I knew they were there, as their barking echoed through the canyon. Another water stop at the top.

    Dropped down Serrano to pick up the bridle trails to head into Weir Canyon. It was almost 6:00 and even though it was overcast, it was getting lighter. By the time I reached Weir Canyon I turned off my light.....yay, it lasted the whole ride. Continued around Weir Canyon.....thought about some extra credit, but was kinda sleepy, so I passed. Just as I passed by Cliffhanger I saw my first person of the mile 40.

    Into and out of Weir Canyon and back into Oaks. Didn't think about it, just made the left turn on to Deer Trail and did the climb up. Tired legs and all, it is still a good climb.

    At the top it was really quiet and peaceful. Decided to let my steed take a rest....

    Apparently it was a little damp and dirty out there in the soup....

    Suz and the girls were out for a morning hike, so I hung out til they got there. Chatted with @Dirtrider....

    Then down Barham, down Cactus, up BumbleBee, down Peralta Hills and headed home. Rolled into the garage at 8:30. Never did put my sunglasses on. Probably could have passed on the sunscreen that I put on as well.

    Awesome morning out on the bike. It's hard to's just something you have to experience.

    52 miles / 6900'
  2. evdog

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    I've been doing a lot of golden hour to night rides. Not many starting early like that into morning, too hard to wake up for that. But have done that for Palm Canyon a couple times. Ride the wash under full moon without lights, then get sunrise on Art Smith.
  3. Grego

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  4. herzalot

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    1:30 am isn't early. It's last call.

    You crazy. o_O
  5. Dirtrider....

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    I was on a much shorter ride Sunday when i came upon @mtnbikej resting at the top of Deer... Jason seemed to respond very cautiously when i ask "hey are you Jason"... like he wasn't sure why i was asking... i may have interrupted his zen moment as i was catching my breath from the climb out of coachwhip. lol

    it was fun chatting with Jason for a bit. He had his own cheering squad of lovely ladies join him as he was resting at the top... i knew he was mtnbike royalty but its another thing to see it first hand! :cool::rolleyes:

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