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    There is so much opportunity up there I've been stewing over possible bikepacking routes for years. Erin Carroll over on has done a few routes and is also looking to put together something longer. With some back and forth discussion I've put together a "big as you can go" route for Sequoia NF.


    This isn't what I'd publish as a final route, it is meant to show the maximum possible. There are still a few trails I'd like to check out for inclusion, and I'd also eliminate a few sections. Erin's last suggestion was to start at Camp Nelson rather than Kernville which lends itself to taking out Whiskey Flat into town and removing *gasp* Cannell also. Would heads explode if Cannell were not part of the route??? They may have anyways, as I was going to send riders UP that trail. Haha. I do like the idea of excluding it entirely. Send people up Cedar Canyon instead. Much more interesting trail.

    The route shown on the map above is 355mi and +/- 55-60k feet depending on software. I have still not been on some of the road sections north of Tobias up to Windy Gap or a few other misc. sections.

    I would lean towards creating one larger route, and then also create a few shorter routes that stick to certain corners of the forest. One up on Kern Plateau is a no brainer, and one up on the Quaking aspen side is also a good option.

    I know lots of people here have spent time up there so any input is welcome. I'm probably going up there Memorial day to explore and will probably get some input from Jfsh and Dave/Allison as well.
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    Way to go, sounds really good!

    Cannell Plunge not part of it, not one F given. Whatever makes sense for the overall route. Extra circuitous welcomed here. :thumbsup: