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Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Mikie, May 9, 2016.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
    Current Bike:
    Ibis DV9, Santa Cruz Hightower
    I've done this before. 2012, 2013, 2015, & now 2016. You would "THINK" by now I would get more takers on the invite. Especially since every time someone jumps on with me, they come away with it as a life changing experience. Oh sure, you can listen to all the naysayers (too much road, too much 4x4 trails, too much blah blah blah!) but the fact remains, your plate will be full by the time you are done with this one!

    In short, it rocks!

    The Kokopelli Trail is mega Epic. Roughly 150 miles over 3 days with around 15,000 feet of total elevation gain from just outside Fruita Colorado to Moab Utah. We do the supported ride with Bikerpelli, an outfit out of Colorado. I think this report (when complete) will prove it to be an Epic experience. People from all over the world drive and fly to Fruita Colorado to do this. This is going to be a work in progress as there is tons of pics, tons of vid, and tons of commentary that is going to be added and contributed.

    If ever there was a real imtbtrails adventure, I promise you this is it. So start saving now for 2017, start thinking about your training so there are no lame excuses. The bonding experience is awesome.

    So here is how this is going to roll...
    First set of pics are mine from my camera alone, then later as time prevails will come the GoPro pics with a bit more action, then, the vids will start rolling in as I believe we had around 8 GoPros going looking backwards forwards and different angles and locations. If this does not motivate you to come with me.... I have to give up on you!

    The following are the pics off my point and shoot camera...

    Getting There.

    I've been driving all night my hands wet on the wheel... There's a voice in my head that drives my heel...

    Drug exchange, only our addiction has 2 wheels. No pictures please!

    Stinkin' teasers!


    We pulled in to Fruita Colorado nearly 12 hours from when we left at around 7:00pm Colorado time. This journey started with Luis leaving Sylmar and hitting VT's house at around 3:45am to meet me at Quail Lake at 4:20, to meet Eric at the 14 freeway and Highway 138 at around 5:15. We passed Eric and he caught up and followed us to Barstow where we dropped Erics goods in the Mercedes Benz Van at the McDonald's parking lot. Then we hit it for the big miles stopping often to dehydrate from all our persistent hydrating.

    Not even Fruita could but Humpty Dumpty back together again! 12 Hours of near non stop driving. Ladies and Gentlemen, our pilot Voodoo Tom!


    His much more refreshed Co Pilot Luis.


    My pilot in the chase vehicle EZ Stacker Eric Zacher!


    The Babe Mobile. Only ours carried our honey's of the two wheel persuasion. Oh! ...and I should mention, the Cosmic Cat in the lower left corner. More on that later.



    You can thank the future $15/hr minimum wage coming for this little gem.

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
    Current Bike:
    Ibis DV9, Santa Cruz Hightower
    Day 1
    Just off Mack Road on I-70 about 8 miles west of Fruita Colorado is the start point for the Bikerpelli Adventure. Approximately 3 miles West of the Kokopelli Trailhead where there is enough room to park the vehicles for around 90 riders. We do our registration verification, get some goodies, load up our duffel bags, SAG bags, and do a riders meeting.

    Day One is considered the "technical" day although it's the shortest ride day. Although, each day has it's technical sections. Seems that most trips to the hospital stem from the first day.

    A short 3 mile dirt road ride to the relative Koko Trailhead and you instantly hit the Colorado River and some sweet sweet singletrack of rocky twisty fun. If there were ever a day you would break a RD or bend a RD Hanger, today would be the day.

    Everybody is excited except for one guy flipping me off, ha hah!

    The man, the myth, the legend.... Alex Hearn. Owner and brainchild of the Bikerpelli experience.

    Getting ready for the Riders Meeting.


    The announcers podium.

    This weekend is going to be...


    Voodoo Tom, Mikie, Luis.

    @erjzacher ...Eric.


    A little Hike-A-Bike...


    Voodoo Tom.

    A little after Hike-A-Bike for Voodoo Tom.


    Luis still HAB'ing it...


    ...and, he's there!


    I want to apologies for the crappy views.


    Uhhh... more H.A.B.


    Now the run to lunch on some rolling fire road.


    Check in for lunch. No one get's past the "Gate Keeper" Brittany.


    Luis checking in...


    The SAG Bag, Cosmic Cat! (More on that later...)


    All the fixin's for an awesome lunch.


    The Western Rim Trail... a moral imperative.


    "Blue skies at night, blue skies at night, whoa ho... Whoa ho ho, ho ho ho ho hooooooooo"



    Rally around the wagon train for the first night.


    All the snacks, margaritas, and keg beer you can consume.


    The big screen T.V.

    This year, a bonafide Chef... seriously.


    ...and his cooking hooligans.


    MechanNick (See what I did there?) is there to help you fix your bike if you can't do it yourself. Nick is a great mechanic.



    Grub is served.



    Rainbow and some light rain to close Day 1...

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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
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    Ibis DV9, Santa Cruz Hightower
    Day 2

    Day two starts with a little trip to the can. No I really mean a can. A 5 gallon one. The bathroom toilet is worth about 5 bucks, but the view is worth an easy million dollars! Day two is super mileage day that ends with a serious bang!
    Although they consider this the "Roadie" day and the Longest Miles Day, after lunch there is a shuttle ride up around 7 miles to a drop point where we do this brutal fire road climb and then a crazy 4X4 trail of fast ledge drops, some up to 4 feet down to hit the "Rose Garden". Although folks bring hardtails to this event, even @Luis said he will suffer the climbs on his Enduro so as to let go on the technical chunky fun next year... (Did he say the words, "Next Year?")

    The 5 dollar can.

    The Million Dollar View.


    The group grew by day two. Matt, Tom, Luis, Eric, Brian, myself, and another Luis from Colorado who took the pic. Those snow capped mountains in the background are the La Sal's. We will be at the base of them by the end of the day.

    Looking back the way we came.

    Back on the Colorado River. Not so much road now, huh?

    This has proven to be the ultimate weapon for Voodoo Tom. No matter what I dished out, he was there to give it back!


    Some more H.A.B. along the River. All easy peasy stuff!



    Lunch time and Voodoo Tom and I had been putting the hammer down all day. I'm not sure it was our plan, but we had been hit by a head wind for nearly 25 miles across about every type of terrain you could think of.

    Yes! The Cosmic Cat... (more on this later).

    Lunch in the trees. Getting ready to hit the Shuttle to the start of a grueling climb, then a mega crazy descent to the Rose Garden.

    We hopped the first shuttle and made the big climb. No one passed us. We're leading the pack to our next crash site for the night??? Looking down in this canyon right before the Rose Garden, the winds were blowing an easy 40 miles per hour.

    The Rose Garden is steep ledge and boulder on top of boulder drop. I've never seen anyone clean it. I tried but it was a no go for me, or Tom. Across the way is the last climb to Camp 2 way off past the saddle in the distance.


    First in camp, Tom and I were somewhat confused. We didn't think we hit it THAT hard. I have to say tho, I gave it all I got most of the day. So much for cruisin...

    Voodoo Tom be lovin' on his wheels. That is a one two punch combo!

    I gotta say, I still absolutely love my 26" Yeti!

    The winds continued to howl . . . and then the rain came to Camp 2.

    Still... Mikie's weapon of choice. My 2012 26" Yeti ASR 5c ...
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  4. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
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    Ibis DV9, Santa Cruz Hightower
    Day 3

    Day 3 is climbing day. In fact, 17 plus miles of non stop climbing. The goal is to cross over the north edge of the La Sal mountain range and drop a paved road 5 to 6 miles to the last Lunch checkpoint. Then, shuttle up to the top of Upper Porcupine Singletrack (UPS) to do a Western Hemisphere World Class Premier Singletrack system down to the town of Moab Utah.

    They say that extreme conditions in life stretch us, often, further than can be shrunk back. Today was one of those days. The ride started out cold, my legs were kinda dead from the last two days (especially day 2 of hammering nonstop in a head wind). Once we started the long grind climb, it began to sleet, then hail, then rain, then back to hail. As we continued to climb it got colder, the wind began to blow...
    I came unprepared for this, I was wearing my normal gear plus a windbreaker. I just had not planned on this kind of cold. In years past we always fought the heat. Now, it was 36 degrees.

    Many bailed on the climbing day and took the "bail out" option of coasting down Onion Creek Canyon to the highway where they could follow the Colorado river on a paved highway to our final destination in Moab.

    But Not Us...

    Now we are 1/3 in to our climb and we have a headwind hail storm pelting us with pellets of ice. When we dropped the false summit to the bridge we stopped for a few minutes to take a break. The rain and snow, and hail had stopped for the moment and we took some pics of the the far off valley we came from. I took one bite of a Cliff Bar, the only bite of food I had eaten on the trail since we started two days ago. I am more convinced then ever that Tailwinds Nutrition is a huge success story for me. For the moment, it was Tom and Matt and I at the bridge. We took off on the remaining 6 miles of climb to reach our La Sal summit and to more rain and hail. I was soaked, and I was freezing...

    When I felt we were getting close to the top, I dropped the hammer for Tom and I. I was encouraging him we were there. He was shivering as much as I was. We dropped Matt. We hit the pavement and just continued right over the top and dropped the pavement. Staying cautious to not let speed get the best of us on the wet asphalt.

    We got to the last lunch checkpoint and both Tom and I were shivering so bad we could barely function. Still even there, there was off and on wind and hail.

    I was not sure if I could finish this, Tom was feeling the same way. We let 2 shuttles go and about an hour later, I see 3 bikes blazing down the pavement towards the turn off to lunch. Turns out, it was Luis, Eric, and Brian! They got some grub and they were in great spirits to find we had waited for them. They restored our stoke and we finally said "Eff This"... Let's finish this!
    We grabbed the next Shuttle, and we were off!

    Brian started off the big climb by breaking his chain.

    Luis almost always has a big smile on his face...Today, is no exception.

    Looking back and down on the valley we climbed out of. We rode from the far side.


    Standing on the bridge looking down at the rushing water.

    Finally making it to the last Lunch Checkpoint of the trip. Tom and I were freezing cold.

    Looking out at that butte that houses the mighty Porcupine Trail System. DSCF0235.jpg

    Saying "Screw It!" We jumped on the next shuttle up with our brothers to finish this!

    The drop point for Upper Porcupine. The views were... ehhh.

    Stopping along the Upper Porcupine to snap some memories.




    What a ham bone! This pic is pre me attempting to get a concussion by slamming my head into a large rock as I went over the bars. DSCF0250.jpg

    Eric, digging it!

    The Porcupine Rim Trail. NICE!





    A peek at the Colorado River below.

    Yeah... Look where this trail takes us. So Rockin' Right On!

    Brian! We're still a couple thousand feet above the river.


    Da Boyz of 2016.


    I had already crashed on Lower Porcupine Trail doing some fairly high speed multiple ledge drops and got caught up in some technical. We are almost at the bottom. Maybe a mile left and I'm tired and do something really stupid. Trying to lift the front wheel up for a ledge climb, I drop the wheel just as I hit it and go right over the bars and slam the the rock face (crash two!) Totally unnecessary! I slam my rear brake rotor into that rock face to destroy it! I didn't get hurt, but I was so mad I was throwing out some harsh language in front of Eric. I still need to appologize to him for my language, I was so mad at myself for a stupid move. I knew I was tired.

    A real stupid whoops! Totally rediculous slam into a rock lift...

    I ride the rest of the trail with only my front brake. Had to remove the rear rotor for the last mile of descent...
    We hit the bike path and the couple of miles back to Moab in a pace line...



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  5. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
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    Ibis DV9, Santa Cruz Hightower
    End of the Trail

    We finished up not in record time as we got hit up on Upper Porcupine with a lot of rain and hail. We got video of all of this so there should be some awesome vid. All of us crashed at least once, I crashed twice, ha hah!
    Back at the last camp we had some awesome burgers with grilled onions and mushrooms and all the fixings. It was a feast!

    I stirred the Kokopelli Crew up and did a imtbtrails photo shoot. You know how shy I am!









    It was like eating at a great restaurant this year! The food was amazing! DSCF0282.jpg


    Yup! It even down poured on us in Moab.

    Not a skid but a slam on a nice rock. I actually thought I was going to have a concussion or a fractured cheek bone. Turns out the cheek hurts the least! DSCF0290.jpg

    Another amazing Koko-Crew! Will you he here next year?

    Our cabin at final camp. They have them with bathrooms and kitchens as well. Nice way to finish!


    Saw this at our Camp. I have always wanted one of these!

    Eric was awesome and drove his vehicle to Moab so we could shuttle ourselves back to Fruita. That's the La Sals. Yeah... we climbed over them... Who's in for next year?
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  6. UPSed

    UPSed iMTB Hooligan

    Simi Valley
    Ed Bottorff
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    Awesome stuff @Mikie! I gotta do this!
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
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    Ibis DV9, Santa Cruz Hightower
    Yes... You really do!
  8. Faust29

    Faust29 iMTB Hooligan

    B. Bunny
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    2 SC and a STDM
    I'm more jealous reading this year's report than I was last year. I didn't think that was possible... o_O:alien::alien:o_O
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  9. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    Washington City, UT (near St. George)
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    I really want to do this, but the timing is so poor; my anniversary is May 2nd :cry::cry:.

    She has already asked me if this is one of the things we schedule for next year... but she hasn't put 2 and 2 together yet that it might interrupt/shorten/take money away from our anniversary plans :p

    Keep 'em coming!
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  10. MCB2K

    MCB2K Well-Known Member

    Castle Rock, CO
    Brian Kiggins
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    Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc
    Still wading through my media... have to assemble my time lapse footage... looking like about 100GB of media!
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  11. StrandLeper

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    Timothy M. Ryan
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    Gulp. So this is mostly just a long weekend, right? :)
  12. hill^billy

    hill^billy iMTB Rockstah

    Amazing pics so far! Serious memories! Mikie, you know you never do that trip without mangling something on your bike! F-ing awesome, looking forward to the rest of it! (Probably be another week to get it all posted)
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  13. scan

    scan Well-Known Member

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    wow, wow, and wow!!!
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  14. herzalot

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    OK, freak me out. I thought the guy in the background was me! Even has a Knolly KNATION t shirt on.

    Can't wait to read through and view this thread as it progresses. And you will forever have to accept the excuse from me that I have to work. I really cannot take weekdays off during the school year to play.

    EDIT: I am having a hard time getting past your blond food server on day 2. Holy shmoly guacamole!
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  15. Tom the Bomb

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    Alta Loma, Ca.
    Thomas Cosgrove
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    Well? You did it again! Good riding Mikie and Tom, Simply Epic. Don't know if I could handle the 5 gal can though :gag:.
  16. hill^billy

    hill^billy iMTB Rockstah

    Anybody catch the Blonde's name?
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  17. ridinrox

    ridinrox Well-Known Member

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    Hot Damn!!...what a read!

    I gotta do this but I'll order sunshine over the rain, hail and cold combo, k??

    Well done boys, well done.....:thumbsup:
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  18. MTBHotRod

    MTBHotRod Member

    Santa Clarita
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    Great RR Mikie. Stirred up lots of memories from our Koko trip. Have to do this one again minus the bad weather.
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  19. MCB2K

    MCB2K Well-Known Member

    Castle Rock, CO
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Admin/iMTB Hooligan

    Lebec, California
    Mikie Watson
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    Yes. That is Sage. The last day she was wearing her daisy dukes, tennis shoes, and some kind of danskin top with no bra. Now back to mountain biking stuff...:whistling:
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  21. MCB2K

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    Castle Rock, CO
    Brian Kiggins
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    Some of the Cali crew and Colo crew may or may not have waded into the Colorado River in her company at the day 2 lunch stop. :ninja:
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  22. konakc

    konakc iMTB Rockstah

    can't just click the like button on this one...
    thanks for the great RR.. words not enough ..
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  23. Fijirob

    Fijirob Member

    Ladera Ranch
    And no photo of her on the LAST day? Thanks a lot photo guy.
  24. Makoto

    Makoto Member

    Costa Mesa
    Great RR. Thanks for taking the time to take such great pictures and to document your trip. Dare I say I am doing this next year???
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  25. MCB2K

    MCB2K Well-Known Member

    Castle Rock, CO
    Brian Kiggins
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    Bikerpelli 2016 Riders Meeting
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  26. Voodoo Tom

    Voodoo Tom MTB Addict

    Tom Kokkinakis
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    Dang Mikie you hit another home run with your ride report and since I was pretty much your shadow (didn't want to get lost) my RR doesn't really have anything new . Not sure if I should post here or we should all create separate ride reports but here goes.

    A bit over a year ago Mikie & I were doing some rides and he kept saying he needed to get some long hours in the saddle to get ready for some ride he was doing on the Kokopelli trail. Never heard of it myself but I like to ride so I was game to stick with him and put some miles in. Off he goes for his ride & then he comes home to write up & post these sick pictures & videos to document his 2015 trip. I instantly knew I had to go do this ride or turn in my man card. I hadn't taken more than a 3 day weekend in over 10 years but somehow someway I was going to do this ride with him and committed to it a year ago.

    Fast forward to 2016 and I had plenty of base miles in but still had my fears going in to Koko 2016. I knew I could hold up for a 50 mile MTB day but was really worried about having to do it back to back to back 3 days in a row. This proved to be a non issue as the fitness was there. The mind is a powerful tool as I went in psyched and stayed that way the whole time. I also learned a while back to follow Mikie’s lead as I'm horrible at setting a pace while turning pedals and can easily explode within just a few miles but if I follow others I’m good. My other fear was that this ride was just over my skill set based on pics & vids I watched. Again this wasn't an issue and sure I walked some sections for safety’s sake but so did most everyone else.

    Alex the Bikerpelli mastermind and his staff:
    This dude is a pro and he knows how to perform the bait and switch (kind of like a car salesman). Each morning he calls a mandatory rider meeting to let people know what they’re in for that day. He knows exactly how to downplay or upsell each segment. His day 1 description was “technical day” and "don't follow Mikie" which I obviously did. Alex was sort of right. Yes there was some serious technical chunk but these sections weren’t very long. They were also bottle necked with people that just weren’t even going to try and pedal thru these sections (note to all imtbtrails crew we need to leave 1st wave and hammer out the morning session to get a clean run in next year). Alex then describes day 2 as the big mileage day and the chance for the “roadie” types to redeem themselves, Again he was right tin the fact that this day had the longest mileage but it also had some serious fun factor in the afternoon. After the stupid post lunch climb, things got seriously fun like 30mph bombing down mega chunky jeep roads fun. Anybody that doesn’t call “rose garden” tough & technical needs to have their head examined. Then he calls day 3 the climbing day and again he’s kinda correct. Yes there was a long 17ish mile climb but take out the foul weather we experienced and I don’t think the climb was too bad. The first two days had much more wicked climbs although shorter. He also downplayed the magnificence of the porcupine rim trail system. If you could only ride one more time in your life be sure it is a run down porcupine rim. Alex and his staff of 8 or so people work there butt’s off to make sure you have a good time at Bikerpelli and I proudly tipped the staff as I’m sure most others did.

    Our Group:
    @Mikie you are the man. You cleaned some frikkin climbs that should’ve been impossible. While me & basically everybody else had to push our bikes you showed us how it was done and pedaled to the top despite the fact that these ridiculous climbs came 40+ miles deep in the day.
    Between tailwinds (they should be giving us kickbacks), changes to your diet, and lots of riding lately you’re an absolute animal.

    @Luis I know you weren’t fully recovered from your illness the prior weeks but you sucked it up and got it done. Also you were kinda kicking yourself for bringing the xc bike but it didn’t matter cause you slayed it. You were riding sections that nobody else would even try.

    Eric (@erjzacher) what’s wrong with you taking such damn nice looking bike and putting it thru the wringer like that? Your monster green spikey pedals still scare me. Great being able to share the koko experience with you. Oh and next time don't empty out your tent until you are ready to collapse it haha.

    Brian (@MCB2K) you just plain know how to have a good time and had me laughing for 3 straight days. I’m not sure what was cooler, your awesome bike that pops off every trail obstacle or your hi zoot camera’s and equipment. So glad we all rode as a group down porcupine as that was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a bicycle. Hope your Colorado weather gets better soon so you can get out and roost some dirt with your boy.

    Trust me peeps, if you can put some time aside for this epic it will be forever etched in to your mind. I’ll rent a damn motorhome and chauffeur all the SoCal peeps we can round up just to see the smile on everybody’s face at the end of day 3.

    Now for some random pics...

    This "silver bullet" sprinter van was loaned to us by my mom & stepdad for the trip. It had roughly 400 miles on the odo before our journey. This thing rocked...
    Kokopelli 2016 (iphone) pics 005.jpg

    Our first destination was the Moab RV park to drop off the chase vehicle before making the final push to Fruita. Moab is a really cool place.
    Kokopelli 2016 (iphone) pics 007.jpg

    Finally we are in Fruita Colorado. Mikie just had to show off his new "girlish" figure before we chowed.
    Kokopelli 2016 (iphone) pics 010.jpg

    Couple random shots from the day 1 riding...
    koko screenshot-1.jpg

    Kokopelli 2016 (iphone) pics 019.jpg

    koko screenshot-4.jpg

    koko screenshot-5.jpg

    My tent was easy to find. It was the one with a lake inside of it since I forgot the stinking rain fly.
    Kokopelli 2016 (iphone) pics 026.jpg

    A view out the front door
    Kokopelli 2016 (iphone) pics 041.jpg

    Not a lot of pics on day 2 cuz we never really stopped. Tailwinds proved to make stops unnecessary for Mikie & myself. I took a bag full of cliff bars & stuff but only ate 1 bar the entire trip.
    koko screenshot-2.jpg

    koko screenshot-3.jpg

    Kokopelli 2016 (sd1400 pics) (23).JPG

    koko screenshot-6.jpg

    koko screenshot-8.jpg

    This is what a headwind looks like
    koko screenshot-7.jpg

    Didn't realize it till later but we pushed each other pretty hard on day 2.
    koko screenshot-9.jpg

    Day 3 on Porcupine...
    Kokopelli 2016 (iphone) pics 042.jpg

    koko screenshot-11.jpg

    Kokopelli 2016 (iphone) pics 051.jpg

    Brian OTB.jpg

    My new desktop wallpaper...
    Kokopelli 2016 (iphone) pics 047.jpg

    And now the ride is almost over...
    koko screenshot-12.jpg

    koko screenshot-13.jpg
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  27. Faust29

    Faust29 iMTB Hooligan

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    2 SC and a STDM
    @Voodoo Tom - Awesome... Yeah, Mikie always hits it out of the park, but your report is no infield single. :thumbsup:

    Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to riding with you in the near future, so I can hear about this in person. Maybe you guys will make me envious enough that I make this happen next year!
  28. MCB2K

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    Castle Rock, CO
    Brian Kiggins
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    Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc
  29. herzalot

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    2020 SC Megaplower; Revel Rail
    That was a top quality teaser/trailer. Very professional sounding and looking. :thumbsup:

    Cool green Intense in the video too!
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  30. CBone

    CBone Well-Known Member

    Antelope Valley
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    Intense Primer
    Great ride report and pictures. One comment for Mikie - you want everyone to join you and then post 6 H.A.B. pics??????
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