RR: Acton Trail via Aliso w/ Voodoo Tom, Hill^billy, & Black Betty

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    I did post it up although a bit late...:rolleyes:
    None the less, if I were you... I would have showed up.

    Acton Trail (aka A.T. or just AT) never disappoints and today was no exception.
    To change it up we started from Aliso Canyon Road. Makes for a nice mellow start and very fun finish. @hill^billy is working at getting his legs back, I just came off a week out in Florida, so I ate crappy (Tasty!) food, did not ride my bike for a week and had a 3 hour jet lag from getting home the day before... As for @Voodoo Tom? Well, Voodoo is always Voodoo. That guy rarely has a bad day...:rolleyes: Sheesh!

    So we met at Aliso Canyon Road and Aliso Arrastre Cutoff. Dougie was actually on time! What the... o_O

    You see it's GOT to be that new bike stoke! That's right! ....Black Betty!

    ...and on imtbtrails, whenever you say Black Betty... you KNOW what's coming next!
    That's right :eek: RAM JAM!

    Laugh if you may, but at currently 41,512,968 views it aint no laughing matter beotches!

    Heading out Aliso Arrastre Cutoff we cruised...:coffee:
    Dougie hit the singletrack first warning us about the tightrope new entrance, he nailed it, I floundered like well a flounder. :whistling: As always, the "Confounded Bridge" skinny came up too quickly but all three of us cleaned it.

    The Voodoo Man... aka Captain Wheelie...

    When we hit the actual AT, we went left (South) and did the climb up towards Mt. Gleason. Today we were only going as far as Dougie wanted to go since he was back in training.
    Turned around and flew back down past our intersection and continued on North to hit the twisty exposed fun the other way. When we got to the last section that will drop you down to the Death Chute we called it, and and turned back around and headed back to the Arrastre Cutoff singletrack and road that back in. It's a great finish and you all Ef'ed up! :laugh:

    Man! So awesome to hit the trail again with Hill^billy AND Voodoo at the same time. Great to see the fire back in Dougie's eyes.

    I see many more rides in the future!

    You want exposure? We got your exposure right here!



    All of a sudden, we ride with Captain Wheelies. When did THIS happen Voodoo???



    Captain More Wheelies...

    Haul... The... Mail...
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    Nice Mikie. Some day I will ride AT again. I need more fitness first.
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    Great day. Got to sleep in, weather was perfect and the trail was in fine shape, nobody ejected and I got to rail it with two awesome guys. AT is just one of those trails that isn’t for everyone but we all love it and have mad respect for it. It was so busy today we actually had to yield to two friendly hikers. New bike stoke is real and we all ran on it today. @hill^billy has his priorities straight and has already named his beautiful new girl and has the dance routine down with Black Betty. While Doug made it clear that he had to conserve a bit today as he had some “stuff” to tend to and had a “long” afternoon ahead of him:Roflmao. I think it’s safe to say the fire has been re-ignited for him and that’s awesome.:thumbsup:
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    It’s been too long since I’ve been on that trail.
    I vaguely remember what you guys look like too :confused:
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  5. hill^billy

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    Yes, the stoke is real and I can’t hardly wait to let her do her stuff in hurricaine! Great to hook up with the dynamic duo again, they always get me to push the pace out of my comfort zone. But the real story here is the miraculous and speedy recovery that dude Mikie has made, I’m pretty much dumbfounded it is so fast, like it never even happened! I mean really? And he was doing this a few weeks ago! WTF! That was quite the smooth operating motion down off of the mountain Mikie, glad I got to see it!