Rokform Phone Mount and Case

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    I picked up this combo a couple weeks ago for my Samsung Galaxy S9. It's also available for Iphone and other Samsungs.

    I used it today on a ride over every type of rough road you can imagine. There are some pretty crappy road surfaces throughout LA and Orange counties.

    It held up as advertised, and worked well. The advantage is the phone is right in front of you, so if you use it for recording a Strava ride or just want to have messaging and phone calls without having to yank it out of your pocket, it's great.

    The mount is very sturdy, and the case has a pretty strong magnet on the back. I had no worries about it. It also has a snap-in lanyard which provides an extra layer of retention.

    The only issue with it I've seen is that if you have a riser stem, even 6 degrees like mine, it's harder to use. They provide a couple of spacers with the mount, but you'd need a longer bolt. I had my star nut way too deep in the steer tube so I put in another one. Solved the issue.

    Bottom line after an 8 hour ride over crappy pavement: I'll keep it. It was handy. Not sure it's sturdy enough for a downhill bomber but I'm not sure that rider would need it. For any XC or trail riding it's perfect and plenty secure.

    I recommend it!


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  2. UPSed

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    I've been using a Quad Lock for several years for my old S5 on my road bike. I like the looks of the Rokform. I'll pick one up when I retire my S7 to road duty.
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  3. Sasquatch9billion

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    I don’t love the look of my Rockform case but damn, it’s held up well and the magnet is awesome. It sticks to the dash in my car and doesn’t move.
    It’s a great case.
    Also, If you have a teen with an expensive phone it’s a life saver. Our kid’s case looks like it’s been sitting under a jack hammer for years but his phone looks brand new if you take the case and screen protector off.
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  4. MrGreedom

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    I used one back when I had a S5, only on a road bike. Worked well. The case is bulky. So I wouldn't use the case daily only when I rode.
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  5. BeckTrex

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    I’ve been using this setup on my Trance for years. The phone has survived a couple of crashes that sent me to the ER without a scratch.
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  6. Derek13

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    If anyone is interested, I have the same Rokform mount and carbon case brand new in their boxes I will not use. Case is for iphone plus size phones. Make an offer and I will meet or mail it.

    I use the same Quad Lock as above on my MTB. Only one time did I get to the bottom of a trail and find it hanging upside down on handle bar. Rubber bands hold mount in position well.
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  7. Mikie

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    Hey Derek!
    By chance do you still have the Rockform?
    Cathy had something she bought but it broke within a month as I predicted.
    She has an iPhone 6, will it work for that?
    This looks a lot more stable.
    Let me know how much if you do have it and I will PayPal yah!