Ricks (Oldskool) 7th Annual B-Day Adventure

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    Ride Name: Ricks (Oldskool) 7th Annual B-Day Adventure
    When: Friday, Nov. 16th
    Time: 7:30 am, Rolling at 8:00 am sharp!
    Where: SART (Starting @ Bottom of MCR)
    Ride Description or Details:
    This will be the 7th year of me trying to do an epic type ride on the Friday before my B-day (11/21) we have had some really good rides and then we finish up w/ some food and grog at the trail head. Kind of last minute I know, but if you can make, be glad to peddle with any other IMTB'rs.
    ~~~~~ Optional Details ~~~~~
    Meet Location: We will meet at the bottom of Middle Control Rd. where it crosses the Santa Ana River. Here is the address that come up on the pin drop:
    38950 Seven Oaks Rd, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305
    I suggest taking Hwy. 38 to Glass Rd. to get there.

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Ride Pace: Moderate Pace
    Type of Ride: Point A to B, Lolipop
    Rider Limit: No Limit
    Anticipated Mileage: 30'sh
    Elevation Gain: 3,000'sh
    Ride Duration: 4-5 Hours
    Previous Ride Reports:
    Possible Bail-Outs:
    Facilities: None
    Food/water suggestions: 100 oz min. of water and some trail food (or Tailwind if you have it)
    Option to Upload:
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    Sounds like fun. I wish I could make it.
  3. scan

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    Gotta work, wish I could Rick.
  4. Cyclotourist

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    Have fun out there, and thanks for the invite!
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  5. mike

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    TFPU, Rick. Sounds like a great time. I wish...
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