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    My first ride with my friends on my new-to-me Santa Cruz Bronson C was at or near Milf park. We parked on Bottlebrush street. Since I️ got there early I️ followed the crowd all doing the same to the trailhead. Stop. Really? I️ thought I️ was going to die just getting to the trailhead! What a whole half mile? My friend texts and says where here ( at bottle brush st) come back and let’s start the ride. I’m like... up yours! Unless there is another staging area I’ll happily wait for your arrival. We rode lynx, 5 Oaks and maybe one other Carwreck I️ think but it was a loop- we had a great day my friend and his friends invited me for a cold beer but I️ declined to do other obligations. 3 days later my wrist begins throbbing in pain and I️ remember descending on a trail and feeling my wrist “ let go “ I️ went to Wallgreens and bought braces and slept in them for a couple of weeks. I️ discovered that my rebound on my new used bike was cranked all the way closed and so I️ experienced stacking?? Who’s fault?? Mine.
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    Painkillers much?
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    Come on out to Motorway...but not without rebound. :whistling:
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    Sorry about the wrist.
    Take the time to heal up so you don’t reinjure for sure.
    Running your suspension as soft as possible to get out of it, its best performance is key.

    For me, I gave up on the “sag” measurement thing. It means nothing to me other than a decent starting point. I set my suspension as soft as humanly possible and firm up as needed. I average the type of rides I do and see how much suspension I use up. My goal is to (on average) use up all my suspension during my ride.

    So if I had a second name for my bike it would be . . . . . Fluffy! :rolleyes:
    It’s amazing how many aches and pains have gone away since I made my bike do the work my joints used to absorb!

    Hope this helps... heal up fast!
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    Sorry to hear about the injuries
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    Rebound being cranked closed means your fork probably was not recovering(extending) before hitting the next bump. Crank it open a bit and I bet it feels like a different bike. Good gloves and comfy grips help too. Like @Mikie says you may need to soften her up too. If you bought xx mm of travel you might as well use it. I typically have to run at least 30% less than the little sticker on the side of my forks recommends.
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