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    I know there is a large contingent of past Bikerpelli riders (and those who want to do Bikerpelli) on here. I also know the slots can fill up quick for that ride. I just found this ride while perusing bikepacking on the YouTube. It is more expensive and longer (4 or 5 day trips) and it looks like you are carrying actual bikepacking bags, but it is the same process as Bikerpelli with a semi-supported ride, and they transport an 80L bag for you. I couldn't tell the quality of the food or beer , but thought some of you may be interested. They have three trips slotted this year two in Colorado and one that covers both Colorado and Wyoming. This includes a free tour of the Moots factory (COVID allowing).

    The other cool thing is they allow people to volunteer so if your significant other doesn't want to pedal it, maybe they can volunteer to help and you can spend the evenings with them (and they can massage your aching muscles). I have never done this and I'm not vouching for it, just throwing it out there to those who enjoy suffering in beautiful lands.

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    I guess I'm missing the point of this arrangement. You pay them $200/day for a supported ride but you still have to carry your camping gear? And not even any singletrack... "We keep the routes to as much dirt as possible and cover county gravel roads, forest roads, and even some double track when we can."

    For $800-1000 I'll carry my food and do it all myself, thanks. Singletrack included at no extra charge.

    For those of you who say you'll gladly pay $$ to have someone cart your gear and food for you, you really need to try bikepacking for real. It isn't much harder to travel lightly and have decent food while being self sufficient. Try it, I dare you!
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