Quick San Gabe’s Overnighter

Discussion in 'Bikepacking' started by BurnDawg, May 5, 2019.

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  1. BurnDawg

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    Original plan was to ride from Azusa all the way up the 39 to where it meets the Angeles Crest Highway at Islip Saddle, camp at the Little Jimmy Campground and then enjoy a long downhill cruise in the morning.

    Like most Saturdays I got a way later start than I would have liked and ended up driving halfway up the canyon to the West Fork trailhead knocking off a bunch of climbing. Took my time and made it to the road closed gate at the very popular (based on how much litter there is all over the place) scenic overlook right around sunset.
    A couple hours and plenty of rockslide debris later I found myself at Islip Saddle. Only a couple miles to go along the temporarily closed section of the Angeles Crest Highway and I could enjoy the IPAs waiting at the bottom of my pannier. I soon found myself panning my headlamp around as I climbed a dirt road searching for the perfect spot to set up camp.

    After getting my sleeping bag and pad rolled out, I made sure to get my bear bag strung up. I knew after a couple beers it might be too hard or dangerous to throw a bag of rocks over a high enough branch. Fired up a cup of noodles along with some trail mix for a late dinner and enjoyed some snow chilled Stone India Pale Ales.

    Sunrise signaled it would soo be time to head home. Quick oatmeal and instant starbucks and I was ready to get out of my warm sleeping bag. Packed up and plotted how long I could linger.

    The dirt road back to civilization.
    Along the Angeles Crest Highway this would be perfect for a summer dip.
    The worst rockslide along the 39 forced a bit of cyclocross style bike shouldering action. A quick downhill past all the sports cars and I was back to the van.

    Perfect trip for a sub 24 adventure sort of close to home. My favorite part was watching all the bats feasting on the bugs drawn to my headlight. Definitely going back to explore the area more thoroughly and throw in a bit, check that, a lot more dirt next time.

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    Fantastic! TFPU! :thumbsup:
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    Excellent adventure in the San Gabes.

    I once Camped out near a blooming yucca in J-tree. I was enjoying watching the bats pollinate by the moonlight, until they started using me for guano target practice! Still love bats. They feast on mosquitoes.
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    BurnDawg ups the ante! :thumbsup:
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    This was awesome!
    Great report!
    Thank you for this!
    Exclamation point!
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