Noble Canyon and rain

Discussion in 'Trail Conditions' started by SoloRider, Mar 8, 2018.

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    I’m hoping to ride Noble Canyon in the near future, but there seems to be a lot of rain in the forecast.

    Will that make it better or worse? If it gets worse, how many days of sun does it usually take to dry out? Thanks.
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    I've heard of people riding in the snow and rain.....If you are ok with wet rocks....go for it.
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    Noble itself is mostly DG and rock. There may be a few soft spots but it should be ok. Bigger problem is this time of year if you go up there and its raining, its going to be pretty miserable up top.

    Other trails around Mt Laguna aren't DG and take some time to dry out depending which ones. You'd want to give it a day or three depending how much recent rain
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    @LLPoolJ and I were making plans to go Saturday, but weighing our options. The rain doesn't bother me, as long as I can still have fun on the trail. I think we are doing Noble only, no extra credit. But we have a Plan B developed, that doesn't involve a pill.
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    Would just like to add to the slippery rock comment. There is some pretty healthy jagged rock. I'm not an east coast rider so the slippery rocks through me on my first time on them.
    Just be careful, don't go solo Captain Solo.
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