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    I got a late morning start yesterday and went up Maple Springs over to Motorway... as i began climbing to the top of Motorway i saw 2 dirt bikes down towards me on Motorway... they stopped to chat as i was shaking my head like wtf.

    They were confused by how that single track is not open to them... one even asked how i knew i was legally allowed on the trail.

    It was funny when they said they rode down from main divide to the gate at the bottom and had to turn around because they couldn't get thru the bottom gate... i told them that is because its a closed trail... and oh by the way if you look behind me at the top you'll see the trail gate has been damaged and partially removed. they just wanted to play dumb.

    I let them know that in a limited use area that if the trail doesn't specifically says its open then its a closed trail to motos. I've had to deal with that all my life in various parts of the desert while riding motorcycles since i began riding in the 70's. So don't play dumb like you didn't know.

    Thought i would pass along... We all know they are using these trails. I just dont want to come head to head with one around a turn as i'm going dh. i've read here and other places how the motos are blasting up luge also.

    Stay safe out there!
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