Maple Springs to Motorway....I Think.

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by mtnbikej, May 10, 2017.

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    @Faust29 threw this out the other day.

    Been a while since I had done this ride. Somebody had the bright idea of riding in from the Tree Farm for extra credit. All I will say is it was some lunatic on a SS.

    We rolled form the Tree Farm at 5:15 to get to the meet point where @singlespeedrider was going to park. We took a casual spin up Silverado. Neither of us were feeling that great. Made it to the meet point....Mark and Calvin pulled up within a minute or two. We headed out....4 riders, with a total of 4 gears.

    We could see that we were going to be riding into the soup today. The question was.....when? The pace up the pavement felt fast....or maybe I was just feeling like crap. About the time we got to the totem pole, we got our answer....we were going into the soup.

    The ride up Maple Springs was pretty uneventful. The clouds/fog would get thicker then clear, only to swirl back in.

    At the second left hand switchback about 1.5 miles from the top....

    We made it to 4 was pretty thick up there. Temps were cooling down as well. We dawned our jackets and headed towards Motorway. It was beginning to get dark. Turning on the lights did no good. The fog was really thick. Felt like we were flying through it. Walked the big climb past Bedford...just had no gas in the tank tonight.

    When we were on the Corona side of the Main was kinda clear. Not so much on the OC side. Really spectacular view down in Maple Springs with the clouds rolling in. The last drop into the top of the Motorway visibility dropped. The top 2/3rds of Motorway were slow.....we could only see 15-20' in front of us. To make things worse, the brush is really growing...making the trail super narrow, and it was wet. Sections I normally fly down, I crawled down....I felt like such a rookie.

    We all made it down without any issues. Changed into some dry gloves before heading back down Silverado. Feet were wet and cold, but the rest of me was warm(enough).

    Good times, fun group. Tough conditions, but it was really cool out there.

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    We rode tonight... There were 4 riders in all, and only 8 cogs, and 3 suspension forks. :p

    Mtnbikej and I met at the tree farm, because some jackass thought it would be a good idea to do extra credit on the way up and down. :whistling: That guy won't be planning any more rides, that's for sure. :pWe rolled the 5 miles up the canyon and met Singlespeedrider and Calvin near the gate. It was chilly, but arm warmers were enough for most of the ride to Four Corners. All of the water crossings were wet. Not as deep as January, but it's still a little surprising to see water in May. :thumbsup:

    Main Divide was in the clouds, but we made it across, with only a front tube as a casualty. Quickly repaired and we were on our way. Looking down at the fog in the canyons was surreal. The phone would not have done it justice, so no pictures. :stop:

    I've ridden Motorway 25 times since it opened in September. Tonight was like riding it for the first time... With blinders on. The visibility was 10 feet in spots, and I just never felt comfortable going down. The trail was so overgrown in spots that I couldn't see it, and had to feel for it with the front tire. Not exactly a confidence inspiring technique. There were a few "oh shoot" moments in the group, but nothing too serious... Thankfully. By the bottom, we were all soaked and frozen.

    At the bottom mtnbikej and I bundled up, said goodbye to the smarter riders, and rolled downhill through the canyon... For a grand total of 28 miles and 4400 feet.

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