Low Blood Pressure

Discussion in 'Health' started by Mikie, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Normal resting range is defined as 60 - 100 bpm, unless you're an active athletic type. Like you, @Mikie, etc.

    My resting pulse is usually around 56-62 which for me is phenomenal.
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    I guess I was more curious if 64 BPM is normal while I'm working. I don't have a desk job you know. ;)
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    With as much as you ride, 64 is what some people wish they could have resting. You are above normal, beast mode :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    This happens all the time to me... always has (age 36 currently). I have stupid low blood pressure and again, always have. This definitely happens to me more when i go from laying to standing but can also happen if i go from sitting to standing or say, tying my shoes to standing.

    I now just give it about 10 seconds before I get up and that helps. Very unnerving when it happens for sure. I've been to the doctor for it several times and they say I'm extremely healthy and not to worry about it.
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    Ok here goes. My RHR is 63. My GP told me it was a water volume issue . SSSSSo I have been drinking a minimum of half a gallon after my rides. Still dizzy when I get up! Noticed some swelling at the ankles after a long day on my feet at work and when I finish my rides. Like i mentioned earlier in a post, I elevated my legs for about 20 min. and was much better. Since my resting rate is pretty low and the kind of shape I think we are in. Figured the blood was pooling in my legs and when I get up the heart does not respond quick enough and bam, dizzy for a few seconds. To the point some times I have to hold on to something for fear of falling. Figured if I can keep the blood from pooling in my legs things might get better, thus the leg elevation tech. Taking a step further, my wife would wear compression socks at work for leg support and to prevent the spider and varicose veins. I borrowed the socks from her and wore them to work for a couple day and the swelling went away and my legs felt good. I noticed pro basketball player using them too. After todays ride I put them on . I actually took them with me to the trail head cause I was gonna put them on right after I finished but forgot. Any way no dizziness after todays ride! I am jazzed. Will update after a couple more rides. Give it a try. I would have wore them on the ride but thought it would be a bit warm.
    Good luck.
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    Great news Tom! :thumbsup:
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    That is a cool technique, might come in handy some day!
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