Kernville Labor Day 2015

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    Second TR from Summer 2015 I forgot to post here:

    This year was the tri-fecta of long weekend Kernville trips. It is such an easy destination and we have found that leaving early Saturday morning rather than face Friday afternoon traffic is a good way to go.

    Dom and Gil joined me this trip. Dom had never been to Kernville. Gil has many times but never up top to Kern Plateau.

    For Saturday we left town around 530 and drove up 395. That to 9-Mile Canyon is the easiest way to access the plateau and traffic was minimal. For a ride we did a loop in the same area Brian and I did for 4th of July up to Jackass Peak.

    This time though we climbed up a dirt back road. This drops us a short climb below Jackass Peak, where we started a loop around it

    Dom on Jackass Peak Trail


    Monache Meadow with Olancha Peak in the background



    We pedalled through the meadow for a while and decided to try an alternate route from what Brian and I did.

    We stayed on singletrack, which was half hike a bike.


    The forest road turned north briefly then west, it was mostly in the trees, mostly rideable, and pretty interesting for a forest road. It took us pretty close to the top of the singletrack HAB so this will be my route for future rides


    Climbing back up to Jackass Peak to the Wilderness Boundary also brings us to the top of Jackass Creek Trail


    The trail back to the truck is its usual rocky / flowy goodness


    Pretty good ride and we finished just before dark.
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    Day 2 was a second attempt at Sirretta Peak Trail. Last trip Brian and I got turned back by an afternoon thunderstorm. This time, we hit the trail first thing rather than doing another ride first.

    We start with a "wrong-way" pedal a short distance on Cannell


    This side of Siretta climbs 1,500ft in maybe 3 miles, so not much of it is rideable


    Further up it gets chunky


    Looking back at Big Meadow


    Still climbing


    Another short pedal


    Reaching the top


    The descent off the east side is an extra 1,000ft descent over a longer distance, so looked very promising. Trail conditions were a big unknown however, and this route does not see as much moto traffic due to technical difficulty and because it is an out and back for them.

    Turned out the ride down was excellent!



    Riding through a stand of gnarled old trees


    This log was just begging to be ridden so a ramp was quickly assembled



    Continuing on


    Great view into the Domeland Wilderness


    Dom was having some major tire problems and ended up having to hike out to the paved road from here. Gil and I rode on as we'd have to finish the route to retrieve the truck and pick Dom up. It turns out the climb out of Siretta was not as good and we ended up doing our fair share of hiking as well.


    Some parts were nice and once we got back onto Trout Creek Tr (moto tr) we were able to pedal most of it again


    There was a 500ft HAB back up to Sherman Pass we did rather than ride pavement up and we made quick work of that. Despite some haze even Langley and Whitney were visible in the distance


    To close the loop we had to ride the sucky part of Cannell. We pushed through and made quick work of that too.


    There was an option for me to drop Gil off to ride the Cannell plunge since we were already on that side but the day's ride had been big enough, and with high likelihood of finishing in the dark, he opted out of that and we headed off to find Dom.

    Next up was a swim and then dinner at KRBC

    Overall impression of Siretta Trail - I liked it, but the climb out sucks. I would be interested to ride it the other direction as an alternative to Cannell. You would get a fun descent down (though some on/off for creek crossings) and then it would be a big 2,500 climb up to Siretta Pass. But I think it would be a lot more interesting than the upper part of Cannell which is mostly mediocre riding IMO. Not sure how ridable Siretta would be as a climb. It isn't as steep or chunky as the front side. Might be similar to Summit Tr climb up to Bear Creek near Camp Nelson. I would do this ride again hopefully with more time and maybe make it bigger to go north of the road and then back to Sherman Peak from the north. That would be a big, epic day....

    It is a good thing Brian and I did not continue on our last trip. Even if the weather had been favorable we were up top close to 330-4pm, and would have definitely ended in the dark.
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    For Day 3 we had a few options but everything down lower was out due to heat. Dom had been talking about bringing the wife up to Sequoia and doing more camping so I figured it would be good to head up to Camp Nelson and we could stop off at Trail of 100 Giants as well.

    Lots of people up there hiking around



    We did some scrambling to check out the big fallen twin tree



    pretty impressive



    After that we headed up and took a drive through Quaking Aspen. I was disappointed to see they have built Yurts in a bunch of camp sites. That campground was already getting hard to book sites in due to popularity so this will make it even harder to get in there.

    We headed over to Camp Nelson trailhead next and I shuttled Dom and Gil for a lap, then Dom shuttled GIl and I. I took no pics so you'll have to use your imagination! Too fun riding....
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