Kali Interceptor

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by dustyyoungblood, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. dustyyoungblood

    dustyyoungblood Well-Known Member

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    I was thinking about how old my FOX Flux helmet was....... yeah 10 years. Back when Super D was a thing and Enduro involved 450's and lots of stop watches and a compass.

    So I tried on the Bell stuff. Not a great fit but ok that could work. MIPS cost how much?? And do I really want a removable chin guard?

    IXS: perfect fit, fair price, popular
    Urge: ugly as all hell. WTF is this thing? No thanks
    Seven IDP: similar design to IXS, but +2 more style points. Not good fit. Bummer
    Giro: nah, maybe 15 years ago
    Kali: what's this new model? interceptor? It's got little squishy rubber bits being called a "MIPS Killer"??? Awesome

    I got this Kali helmet, it's a brand new model just arrived 3 weeks ago. It's light, highly vented, mega Stylish, flip up visor, massive fit adjuster range for only 2 sizes. I am really happy I found it. Even tough they do not have a direct sales model, the staff was very helpful with my questions when local dealers were not interested in helping .

    Kali for life:)

  2. herzalot

    herzalot iMTB Hooligan

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    You better charge your phone, bro!

    My MIPS dots on my Troy Lee A1 hurt my head - with or without a skull cap. My IXS is the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned, except the brow is so low it hurts my neck (you can figure that one out).

    So I am now using the 7iDP M2. So far so good. A little tricky to get my Oakley's situated right.


    That Kali looks bomb!
  3. Danmtchl

    Danmtchl Well-Known Member

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    I am picking up my Interceptor tomorrow. I demoed one a few months ago from the Kali rep. Great helmet. I had an Amara and it was really comfortable but got in a bad crash with it. I wanted a Maya but they were sold out if them at the time, but I got a great deal on a 661 EVO AM w MIPS. Been a great helmet also, but I buy a new helmet every 2 years and it was time to pick one up.
  4. UPSed

    UPSed iMTB Hooligan

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    I got mine as a crash replacement for my Amira. So far I like it. Not sure how the flip up visor works?20170220_170407-1119x1493.jpg
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  5. scan

    scan Well-Known Member

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    Real catchy name!?!?!?:Roflmao
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