I Rode My Bike Today... OK maybe Fri. on SART

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by SS Barby, Aug 26, 2019.

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    So Friday morning I drove down to Redlands to drop my broken bike ( poor Ripley, see I crashed post) at Don's Bike Shop. Decided to venture out on my singlespeed and ride from Mountain Home View campground up Loch Leven trail to Angelus Oaks, SART to Middle Fork then return to car via SART down to Mountain Home View.

    First, the climb from Loch Leven campground up to Angelus Oaks is awesome. Perfect gradient for a SS, nicely shaded and just had the coolest scenery and vibe the whole ascent. Very cool. Then got on the SART and hada blast, just again wished to have my Ripley. At the start of the trail heading to Middle Fork it was a little overgrown but very manageable. Saw some deer and other animals. Just great section.

    Then headed back to Angelus Oaks on Middle Fork section, didn't realize the fireroad was so long.Once descending down SART from Angelus Oaks it was a little overgrown again but otherwise in great shape. I started running out of time so jumped on the fireroad back down to Hwy 38 a little early.

    Great ride can not wait to do the Hellacious ride. Amazing trail and will be even better with imtbtrails Hooligans and my Ripley. The ride kicked my butt. 3000+ feet elevation gain from Mountain Home View to Angelus Oaks. By the time I was done, I Was Done...

    Here is the link from my Strava to see the trail and stats. I highly recommend as a loop for a good 3 hour ride.

    The mtbproject link, I followed the Loch Leven loop up and then descend SART back down following the Mountain Home Creek loop descent.


    Sorry, for no pictures. I don't tend to stop to smell the roses while riding (unfortunately) especially when riding solo

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