How Wide are Your Handlebars?

Discussion in 'HandleBars' started by Cisco Roots, Dec 18, 2018.

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    My previous bike Fuel ex9 I had 720mm.
    When I bought my Hightower it came w/ 780mm. Carbon handlebars and instantly felt a lot better and more comfortable, I wouldn't cut or go bigger this is a good size for me.
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    It’s funny cuz the formula mm x 0.44 basically tops out for people that are over 6 ft. The authors answer for this?

    If you’re very tall, they don’t make handlebars “wide enough” for you. That’s OK: It’s better to err toward narrow than toward wide. LOL

    Up here in WA where there there many trees, this summer I got clipped twice and it threw me off my bike hard! Luckily didn’t get hurt too bad.

    Wide bars though aren’t only scary around trees. Last month when we rode the Gabrielino where there literally 200 ft cliff faces and only a 2ft to 4ft wide trail at times, I was very thankful for narrower bars on the bike I was on. One clip off the bars and you’ll be going down a long ways!
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    800... Mostly because that's what I got used to on the single speed. The Chameleon came with 760s, and they came off pretty quick for 800s. The Hightower came with 780s, and they also came off pretty quick for 800s.

    Yep... Trees are bad. Narrow exposed sections are also bad, as @Cisco Roots points out. There are sections of Manzanita in Wrightwood where the wide bars threw me off the center of the trail, forcing me to look over the edge. That was pretty nuts, but normally I can manage. It's a tradeoff for the extra leverage.
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