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    Due to recent posts, I feel compelled to share my story. (its a little long)

    I’ve been around, met with some famous people, Mikie! Jason! Cyclotourist! One of the Toms! Lover of Bonsai’s and others on the trails and want to meet and ride with more here on this site…

    I love mountain biking. Been doing it since 1991 when I lived near the SART about 300 yards from the trailhead’s start, not far from Highway 38 but back then there was no single track. Just fire road. All good b/c no suspension either. Riding thru the creek crossings amongst the evergreens got me started…

    Years later, with my third bike and 29 inch wheels, my riding buddy and I explored the many single tracks in S Cal, from Chutes back to the single track SART (when did they build this?!!)

    Every Saturday morning, we hit something. Heat (u got any water left?), Cold (Can you feel your fingers?), wet (Uh, maybe this is not a good idea) conditions did not deter us from riding, nor the crashes.

    But one night I got a call from my buddy, “Hey we still riding Palm Epic this Sat?”

    Well, I told him I had to back out because of work this Saturday (the rare Sat work day) and he told me that he was not going to go either .. too many people cancelling... our other buddy (doctor) and others... But the season was almost over.

    “Yeah, we probably just cancel. Next time.”

    The next day I found out he had died. From heat coma. He went after all.

    I drove to Palm Springs to get his car and bike, crying and not understanding.

    I’m not a spammer. I live here in Fullerton. I love mountain biking.

    But for some time after, I just could not ride the bike no more.

    Once, he and I went to Skid Row in LA, made sandwiches and passed them around as they woke up from the previous night of hell, needles and trash on the side walk, avoiding the kneeling and peeing.

    One old guy, came out of his cardboard bedroom.

    “Would you like a sandwich sir?”

    “oh yeah, I see you got some greens and tomato in that… I like them fresh sandwiches…. Most of time we just get meat and cheese… oh yeah can I get another?”

    He stood up, behind him a wall. The sun’s rays just peaked over the wall and hit him on the head, illuminating his hair in brilliant sparkling light, like he was wearing a crown.

    “yeah.. it gets a little rough around here, especially at night but me.. me, ‘they call me the Peacekeeper’ .. because one day I gonna be in Paradise…”

    I did not know what he meant exactly.

    During the funeral I spoke.

    Before Jesus died on the cross, the last two men he spoke to were criminals. Jesus was about to suffer greatly, yet He still shared His message of eternal life to both of them… One said go to hell. The other said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

    And Jesus responded, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

    I know my friend is up there in heaven waiting for me, I pray that you too will know the way to Heaven, for Jesus Christ died on the Cross for you and I…

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    Was this a few years back? I went on a Floop ceremonial ride for him. Didn’t know him though. I am very sorry
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    I am absolutely 100% right beside you KC. We will experience that together.
    Thanks for the powerful share! :thumbsup:
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    Ride In Peace @konakc old riding buddy!
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    Way to keep his memory alive, Kona... And thank you for sharing. Now, I'm gonna go find some tissues. Got something in my eye.
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    This broght me to tears, thanks for sharing! I’ll be up there with you guys someday too. I’m a sinner saved by the grace and mercy of God, and there is no greater peace than that :)
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    Thank you for that share and your spirituality, @konakc
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    God Bless You. Wish I could share as eloquently and bravely as you did.
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    It is good that you are nice to the forgotton ones. They say that you never know one could be an Angel. But treat them well anyways, it is good somebody does. So as they say...
    Happy trails to you,
    until we meet again.
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    Thanks for sharing @konakc
    Very sorry to hear about your friend.
    When I hear stories like this about people passing, it's always a reminder to me,
    that tommorow is not promised and I need to keep the faith even more so.