Entry level to CFO positions open- NPO

Discussion in 'Job Board' started by Sasquatch9billion, Sep 11, 2020.

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  1. Sasquatch9billion

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    trinidad j. mendez
    Hi all,
    I figure maybe this might be helpful in case anyone here is looking.
    We have a lot of openings happening right now with my Housing non-profit. Offices in LA, SF, and a small team in the IE.

    Our workforce comes from pretty diverse specialties:
    -Real estate: development, management, maintenance
    -NPO: management, finance, fund development, etc.
    -Human Services: Social work, Admin. Policy, etc.

    Feel free to PM me if anything seems like a good fit for you. My roadie buddy in HR let me know that my referrals get an automatic first interview.;)
    It'd be cool to get some more bike people in the org too.

    Fun fact, most of the people on the hiring page are from my team-not stock photo models.
  2. mike

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    Western US
    Mike O
    Current Bike:
    HT, FS
    Thanks for posting, T. :thumbsup:
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