Death Valley?

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    So the questions are flying and the interest is piqued so I will throw out an invite to go and ride in Death Valley National Park.
    Use the search function to see all of the previous reports.
    Expect long days in the saddle on rocky, sandy, washboarded, roads and jeep trails. No singletrack.
    I usually like to go for 4 or 5 days, starting mid week through Sunday. Some people come out just for the weekend. It is a 6 hour drive-except for Wolfie! @DangerDirtyD
    The mid week stuff is usually the hardest, more exploratory, back country, even bikepacking stuff. Dry camp next to your vehicle in the desert somewhere. Usually looking for geologic wonders, petroglyphs, and mining relics. I would also like to throw in a pre-dawn and/or twilight ride in order to see DV in it's best light.
    It is most convenient to meet the weekend contingent at one of the campgrounds near Furnace Creek.
    Depending on who shows up, the traditional favorites of Titus Canyon and Echo Canyon are good on the weekend. There is much more out there and depending on what kind of group we get going, then we can plan accordingly.
    I would suggest that we do this as soon as possible. Either of the first two weekends in February is good for me.
    The last two I am busy.
    March-April starts heating up and getting crowded at the campgrounds.
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    Probably should wait until after govt shutdown and restart. :sneaky:
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    This sounds sublime!

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    I've been there and camped (never been on a bike there, though) dozens of times since the late 1980s. It's the best Natl Park in the US, in my opinion because I am a true desert rat. I know of some secret, off the beaten path, not advertised spots as I am sure you do too, @rossage.

    I have ALWAYS wanted to RIDE through Titus though. The other stuff like Hunter Mtn/racetrack sounds kind of gnarly (on a bike). I could see myself driving up to camp a night the day before or the night after a planned Titus ride, though.

    A big bonus now is the trail system that is being built in Beatty. Worth a look see, I imagine.

    We will need our certified German translator, @Faust29, to be on site because a lot of the tourists encountered there are from Europe.
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    Rossxpedition in the desert is bucket list material. I doubt I can make it this year, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Be safe!
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    I've burned up all my vacation time at work so this year is out for me. I don't get any time off until March :(
    The Rossxpedition is the best deal out there. On the plus side, there is no need to pay extra for the audio units like those rented at most museums and national parks. The audio narrated Rossxpedition tour is informative, insightful and sometimes comical. The only downside is that there is no OFF switch :laugh:;):whistling: