Coaster Brake Challenge 20

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    Coaster Brake Challenge is a four ride series where each rider is restricted to riding a course of off-road trails and fire roads armed only with a single speed coaster brake hub on their bicycle.

    Each heat will have a winner and at the end there will be a point leader that will be the overall winner.

    A 20 dollar entry fee gets you entry into all four races, a shirt, a patch and some additional swag. At the end I feed everyone and raffle off a 26 BMX cruiser frame and a bunch of other stuff.

    Challenging for sure, but fun!


    1st four Sundays in July 7am meet up and 8am roll out.


    Please Check for details on meet points, hope to see you then!

    I have loaners, available upon request.
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    The "." is missing after the "www" in the address at the end.

    That looks like a very cool event... :thumbsup:
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    Jsyk, Paul has a cool little shop in sfv. Looks like it's been there forever. It's all things past & present, a lot of knowledge. Hopefully he puts up pics of last years events.
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    I feexed it...

    ...also added the dates to the imtbtrails calendar.
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    Yeah, this is an on-going event, that's been around a while. Looks like a BLAST!
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    Not really feexed.
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    I am a little old for this but it has been a happening for a long time. Nice little local valley shop. I don't ride fireroads because you get lulled into the easy speed, quick bunny hops over the ruts. Then a flat gravel strewn corner pops up and you are carrying way to much momentum. I can only imagine this on a locked up rear hub. I cut easily and do not like scabs
    Happy scary fast roads
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