Burley Piccolo with extra rack

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    No longer going to need this tag along, and have had it in storage for a good five years. I must have subconsciously been holding on to it! Anyway, needs to move to a new home. It is in used condition, plenty of scuffs and scratches, but no dents, gouges, or problems. It was very well-loved!
    I say that this is THE best tag along sort of contraption. Instead of those crappy ones that have the U-joint attaching to a seat post, this has a proprietary rack that bolts onto your bike. The Piccolo then attaches that and it's on there solid. You can take this thing anywhere! I listed for $150, but that's just sort of a guess. They're on sale right now @ REI, but this has a second rack, is the made in USA of True Temper steel quality version. If price is too high, let me know!




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