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    Long long ago when I first acquired my Kona Hei Hei I went through the full fit (2.5 hrs). That helped a lot. Just recently got my new cycle-baby, and noticed after awhile the lower back would hurt some. Went and got a Breve fit (1 hr), and got a few things tweaked on the bike (moved the seat and trimmed the handlebars). It really helps a lot! I highly recommend a bike fit of some sort if you're spending any kind of time in the saddle. While the full-fit I think is well worth it, if you don't want to commit the time or the money for the full-fit, doing at least a Breve fit I think would help every single rider.
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    TFPU, @Aviatrix. Where did you get fitted? TIA!
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    Thanks @Aviatrix , do you have a place you recommend? What kind of money are you looking at?
    Do they work off standardized formulas or is it based on the uniqueness of each individual?
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    The Path Fit - $180
    • Interview
    • 28-point pre-fit assessment
    • Cleat position
    • Leg angle measurement both sides (saddle height)
    • Plumb bob both sides (fore/aft)
    • Bar/stem position
    • Knee tracking (Z plane)
    • Set up suspension
    • Adjust controls
    Abbreviated Fit ("The Breve") - $90
    • Measure sit bone width
    • Leg angle measurement one side (saddle height)
    • Plumb bob one side (fore/aft)
    • Bar/stem position
    • Set up suspension
    • Adjust controls