Best MTB Gear Bags?

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    Definition: A bag that carries all your mountain bike gear in your vehicle to the trailhead

    I used to travel very light to the trailhead. But I have begun to carry more options with me as of late.
    For example, I have been using a 3 compartment bag for the last couple of years.
    It consists of:
    • A small black nylon bag with two nylon strap handles that Velcro together over the top.
    • A straight zipper on top lengthwise straight down the middle for one large compartment that I just carried my half face helmet in.
    • A side pocket with a zipper on top that I could get a few small items in it like a couple pair of sunglasses, xtra pair of socks, my gloves, halo, garmin, xtra food bar.
    • A "U" shaped zipper on one end that is a bag-like compartment made for putting your shose in. It is designed for this and shares the main compartment area for my helmet. It worked great until I got a full face now both my shoes and my full face are too much for the main compartment area.
    Now, I often additionally carry my full face option, armor, a couple of water bottles, a change of clothes, the option of baggies (since this is tough on @herzalot if I don't), my GoPro, leggings, arm warmers, jacket, blah blah, blah...

    Note: I really like having the separate compartment for my dirty shoes.

    I did come across this review of these two bags:
    Just hard to imagine that there are not a plethora of options out there...

    Any suggestions or preferences?
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    I have this one Mikie. I like it, it fits all my stuff. Helmet, shoes, pads, chest protector, clothes and some more stuff!

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    I use an OGIO gear bag. I've had it for at least 8 years and it's been holding up great. Plenty of room for my pads, cold gear, gloves, spare jerseys and had a compartments for sunglasses, tools storage, motorcycle boots/couple pairs of shoes, and a full face helmet. It even has a built in mat to change on. I bought mine from a motorcycle shop for like $70.00. DO NOT waist your time looking for bags at bike shops. The bags sold at the bicycle shops are the exact same bags that are sold at motorcycle shops but for $20-$60 more.
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    Get the funk outta here :sick:

    The reason I stay away from 'gear bags' in most situations is that it's too easy for me to put some sweaty item in there and close the zipper, only to return to the dreaded 'hockey bag syndrome'. Sweaty gear (at least mine) needs to be kept in an open environment to keep the funk outta there until it can be washed. Once the funk has crept in, it can be difficult to get rid of.

    That is why I have taken to using plastic crates in most situations. I do use a large gear bag occasionally, but I usually leave it open so the contents can breathe. Plastic crates ain't pretty, but 'hockey bag syndrome' can make you want to toss your cookies as well as toss your gear in the trash bin or the fire pit :eek:.
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    Here's mine (I think):;jsessionid=319E5502E80017F4C0FAFA6040EDEFB9?defaultColor=001&categoryNavIds=

    Ventilation in some pockets, silver thermo lining in other. I can put my FF in the end pocket, two pairs of size 13s in the other end pocket and everything else in the middle. This is my travel bag or my DH bag.

    My daily bag is a much smaller Dakine. Regardless, I ALWAYS remove my sweaty ish out of the bag and out of the car after every ride (which means twice per year). I never leave my helmet, gloves or hydration pack in the car. I take it out, air it out and then into the laundry hamper. Well, my gloves, pads, helmet and pack don't get washed that often.
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    Man, I feel like a caveman now. My stuff gets thrown in the back of the SUV, and bounces around all the way to the trail!
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    I have an old Intense gear bag, and the end pockets are vented so when I put my shoes in one and my helmet in the other, they don't wreak or smell if I don't pull stuff out till a few days or even a week later. I try to wash the gloves, headsweat band and other washables every two weeks or so. The pack itself, when it is more white than black from the sweat. I also am looking to buy a new gear bag myself, this one is pretty old and looking a bit long in the tooth.
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