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    If you order stuff from backcountry as much as I do, and need some personalized service, then PM me and I'll put you in contact with a family member who is a gearhead there. It really helps to have a good geaehead on your account who wants to keep your business and is dedicated to helping my riding buddies as much as possible.
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    Nice! I like bc, but I am a little annoyed that I used their $10 referral link for a friend who ended up buying a pricey sleeping bag and they never gave me my $10 credit.
    Still, it's hard to beat that free 2 day shipping and I've purchased two Kuat racks from them at 20% off.
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    Just bought a Patagucci jacket from them on near 50% off sale. The geearhead that helped me out threw in free returns (usually like $7) on the jackets I ended up needing to send back (different brands/sizes). Not a big deal for them, but that is THE way to foster good will!