B* to Skyline relaxing ride

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    Sometimes I got the bug of climb reading all these reports from @Faust29 and @mtnbikej and after reading that TLD might be closed but not a confirmed source was pointining that rumor true I decided to go and check myself and report back to those who were interested on the particular trail. Well, wifey :inlove:droped me at the famous tree farm at 1:10pm kind of late for 99% of Imtb members but not for someone that works graveyard shift, well it was warm at the begining but tolerable since I was wearing a LS jersey, I had my waist back with the essentials and I carried my knee /elbow pads with a bungee cord attached to my bars and after kissing wifey and my baby goodbye off I pedaled.... I carried 2 bottles with taildwind and 1 granola bar because I had a light bk at home... Well, for those who pedal B* frequently is in good shape as always and for those who don't have the pleasure to know it is a 8 mile gradual climb with beautiful views and some flat parts where you can go fast without thinking about it.
    All the way to beeks was nice and one guy pass me before the metal sign of Mariposa reserve and 2 guys later passed me a mile before beeks other those guys, it was empty. It is the second time for me riding B* and for me is very enjoyable the climb, I just pedal listening to my relaxing music and I'm good all the way to beeks. Well to be honest I had a moment of despair and almost faint maybe a mile in to the climb because......Ssssnake !!! Yes I'm terrified of snakes, any kind !! I was pedaling listening to music...looking around when my eyes fixated on a weird looking thing inside a rut on my right and right away my brain sent the alert to my body..."hey dude that is a snake maybe a rattle" guys I cursed in spanish really loud and swerved to my left with my eyes almost poppin out from their orbits ! After 10 full seconds looking at it I noticed it was dead uff !!! I breathed again... You might think I exaggerate but I'm telling the truth I'm really scared of snakes !! Snap the pic for all of you and kept on going, later some dude "a dedicated mtbker" decided that after repairing his tube/tire no longer saw use for his Co2 bottles that he decided to just throw them in the rut...seriously?... I bet he got those Co2 from a backpack/waist bag/under seat bag/ pocket....how hard is to place them back in? Oh well...
    From beeks I took a nice rest, talked to wifey and let her know I was goint to take the ST on the way down and started my descent...but when got to Echo climb the rumors were true... A metal clousure from that point and bulldozed to the point that is going to be hard pushing a bike into it...I snaped a couple pics and continued on the fireroad to the end of that ST and there is the other metal clousure with the bulldozed terrain..so that part and the one that connects TLD is closed from the top..
    Continued down and everything else is in good shape, a couple hikers and some bikers, no more equipment to be seen, hope they finished with the "sanitizing" of Skyline. From there I pedal to the carl's junior to get a Dr. Pepper and got to my home just in time to take a bath and chill for 45min and drive to work, last night was a long one for the record...but I was happy for my ride !! :thumbsup:
    @mike B* is where I first meet you and rox and chris (he was riding a SS ) and coudn't make not even 2 miles and had to turn back to Corona, I was so sad because I really wanted to ride but my fitness sucked big time (still sucks but less :thumbsup:) and said "one day I will do this ride alone" and this is the second time ! Thanks to all members for their inspiration :notworthy: to get out and ride :thumbsup: , now enjoy a couple of pics.

    Snake :eek: !!

    Mandatory pic.

    Sun bathing

    Snake :whistling:...

    I throw them in my trashcan..

    Nice views :thumbsup:

    Gotta have flowers in the report :thumbsup:

    Rest area...

    No bueno :thumbsdown:
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    Nice ride, nice report, brother jaime!

    I remember that morning like it was yesterday. You've come so far as a rider since then – I'm psyched for ya! So I guess you're itching to descend Skinsuit then?! :cool: Let me know and we'll do it. :thumbsup:
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    That sucks that some killed the rattlesnake.

    Sounds like you had a great mid day Blackstar experience. Keep it up.
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    Nice RR Jaime, thanks for posting.
    Sucks about the dead snake, some folks....
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    I enjoyed reading this one a lot... You just went up and over a mountain all under your own power! That's awesome... :thumbsup: You're getting farther and farther all the time!
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    Nice job and great rr @jaime We need to ride again some day, but now you too are climbing more than I am!
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    Nice going Jaime, I see the ball in the background.
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    OK, Now I gotta ride B*, Haven't ridden it in years. Thanks for the RR. Keep on Truckin' @jaime!:thumbsup:
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    Looks like a rosy boa maybe? Great RR!

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    DAMN JAIME! MANIMAL! Ya some one killed the snake and took the rattle! The slender one was non poisonous, a racer or rosy Boa . Way to go Jaime! Doing my 1st post surgery ride tomorrow with the little woman at Marshall. If I ride with her I will stay in check! Report back soon.
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    Fucckkkkkkk badass man. Good for you. Thanks for the link/help
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    Great RR Jaime" nothing like a nice solo ride sometimes and some enjoyable scenery! Nice pics to, but that rattler that sucks whom ever killed it? anyways thanks for posting! Keep up the good work.