All Mixed Up (A Blend of Dirt and Road)

Discussion in 'Gravel Grinders' started by Cyclotourist, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. Runs with Scissors

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    I started out to post this in IRMBT thread, but changed my mind. Some dirt, more asphalt, and no real plan. Fun day!!!!

    I got out this morning for something other than the FLoop, even though I rode through a tiny part of it on the way out and the way back.

    Started from the Amerige Heights complex, and just went north-ish. Had no real plan in mind - which can make for an awesome day. Ended up in Powder Canyon, never been there before. Kinda fun, but man those climbs are steep on the Sutra. There's a lot of it I didn't get to because unplanned & stuff. I'll need to hit it early morning some weekend soon.

    Had fun, having the phone on the bars with maps available means I never got lost, and this a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

    Mt Wilson is still there....

    Some fun back roads in La Habra Heights / Rowland Heights.

  2. JordanHMay

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    Took my friend Hung on a little south country gravel ride to break him into what gravel riding in OC is like. He’s really enjoying his new Diverge and the diversity a gravel bike adds to your stable. 65 miles 3000 feet up. We took our time.

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