All Mixed Up (A Blend of Dirt and Road)

Discussion in 'Gravel Grinders' started by Cyclotourist, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Same thing out to the east, @alexfore ! I rode over hill and dale with Middle Child, and did some trail additions in the soft hills. Not another soul until we hit Prospect Park coming into town. Families everywhere picnicking and walking about. Many looked to be either multiple families or plural marriages. A couple photo shoots (it is picturesque!), one with their newborn. Nana is going to be in big trouble when we run out of ventilators.




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    Quick trip over to Alamos Canyon. Heard about it a few months ago. Nice little recreational area over by the Simi Valley landfill. :confused:

    It's only a few fire roads that you can tie together and/or do a few laps on. Beautiful views though. I finished by climbing up the "secret" entrance to the Reagan Library and dropping down the main entrance.

    35 miles
    2600 feet

    20200321_124600.jpg 20200321_124538.jpg

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