5.10 - Kestrel Boa - 45

Discussion in 'Pay It Forward' started by Ebruner, Jan 11, 2022 at 8:48 AM.

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    99% sure these are 45's but they might be 46's, I'll check when I get home today. I used these 3 times, they are actually great shoes, really stiff, but I have a bone spur I had surgery on and the toe box touches the top of my foot that is incredibly sensitive post op. Could use a wipe down, but otherwise new-ish condition. Comes as shown with cleats installed.

    Bring me a pint of good beer, or a 6r of eh beer, and they are yours. I will ship them to you if you're not quite local and still want em, I do not need beer in said trade if it is not in person.

    Located in Tustin.

    PXL_20211222_214206437.jpg PXL_20211222_214216356.jpg
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    I’d love to give these a try and I’m local. I’ll shoot you a PM. What type of beer are you into these days????
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