2019 Winter Solstice(ish) Blackstar Ride

Discussion in 'Trailhead' started by Rumpled, Dec 4, 2019.

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Added to Calendar: 12-19-19
  1. Rumpled

    Rumpled Well-Known Member

    Jim Martin
    Current Bike:
    2018 Specialized Epic Carbon C
    Ride Name: 2019 Winter Solstice(ish) Blackstar Ride
    When: Thursday, December 19th
    Time: 5:30 pm
    Where: Xmas Tree Farm on Blackstar Canyon Rd
    Ride Description or Details:
    Continuing in my new, old tradition of doing the solstice and equinox rides, let's ride for the winter solstice.
    As the date of the official winter solstice falls on Saturday and most of us will have other things going on Friday and Saturday, we'll do another Blackstar ride.
    On Thursday the 19th.
    Us slower folks will be starting at 5:30 (rolling, not just getting there -
    by Garmin or Verizon timekeeping) to make it to Beek's by 7:30.
    Faster people can start later or do extra credit past Beek's place.
    The goal is to meet at Beek's at 7:30 and toast the winter solstice. And perform whatever solstice or pagan rituals you feel like. (Please, no human or animal sacrifices).
    The Ursid meteor shower will also be going on, so maybe we'll see a few shooting stars. It will be before the peak, but we have a chance.

    Lights will be needed but we will have some moon, 47% illumination third quarter moon - if it's clear.

    Weather will probably be cool to cold; so we won't have to worry as much about keeping the beer cold; more about keeping ourselves warm.

    Any significant rain on the day or preceding days will cancel as none of use want that Blackstar clay.

    ?'s - Ask away.
    Invite others, let's make it a party.

    ~~~~~ Optional Details ~~~~~
    Meet Location: Xmas Tree Farm on Blackstar Canyon Rd off of Silverado Canyon Road which is off of Santiago Canyon Road.
    Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    Ride Pace: Social Cruise
    Type of Ride: Out and Back
    Rider Limit: Just short of too many
    Anticipated Mileage: 18
    Elevation Gain: 2200
    Ride Duration: 3 Hours
    Previous Ride Reports: There are some, I can't find them right now.
    Possible Bail-Outs: Turn around and go back, but you'll be missing out.
    Facilities: No water on trail, except maybe the creek (eh!). The world is our restroom.
    Food/water suggestions: Most get by on a bottle of water or so. Snacks if you want. Maybe a beer or two to toast at Beek's.
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  2. Faust29

    Faust29 iMTB Hooligan

    Current Bike:
    3 SC is now 2 SC.
    I presently have a conflict on that day... :thumbsdown:

    But you never know what will happen between now and then. :thumbsup:
  3. BonsaiNut

    BonsaiNut iMTB Rockstah

    Laguna Hills
    Greg P
    Current Bike:
    Santa Cruz Hightower CC XX1
    I look forward to this ride every year. Assume I will be there unless I say otherwise!! I might even shame my biking buddy Dean into doing it... or... maybe my son(!)
  4. mtnbikej

    mtnbikej J-Zilla

    J M
    Current Bike:
    SC Chameleon SS, SC Hightower
    Fits into TNBS scheduling.

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