“Earn” your turns Friday 3-30 at Whiting Ranch

Discussion in 'Trail Maintenance' started by BurnDawg, Mar 27, 2018.

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    Please please please please please please please please convince Adam that berms are a good thing, that water will drain to the inside curb of a berm and that massive, mid turn water humps and deep gouges are not only unnecessary, but are a danger to riders, and in some cases (like the top of Cactus) threaten the trail's very existence. If there's enough water to form a big puddle on the inside of a bermed turn, the park will be closed anyway. That captured water is water that is not running off causing erosion.

    A lot of trail work is being done in the name of sustainability that is not only less sustainable, but more dangerous. If you want to see sustainable, look at the work done in 2013 on The Luge and Meadows (Aliso). Thank you @kioti Those berms have held up for five years, with only minimal annual maintenance. They increase safety for all trail users, and are a heck of a lot more fun to ride. Some of the better work done on Cactus and Sleepy Hollow in the past was of this quality as well, but recently, someone has come in and messed those up pretty substantially.

    I work Friday, so no chance me joining in. Thank you in advance for your carefully crafted and well thought out trail work!
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