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imtbtrails Specific Rules of Engagement

imtbtrails encourages debates and discussions, however does not condone personal attacks to character and has a zero tolerance policy for any member threatening or verbally attacking another member. Zero tolerance means one opportunity to apologize to both the member and the imtbtrails community. Failure to do so is immediate unrevocable banning. There is no cool down period.

imtbtrails is a mountain bike specific forum, therefore there are some subjects that are off limits:
-Race or Nationality if it is demeaning or negative in anyway.
Note: Discussion related to eBikes, Electric Bikes, motorized bicycles is not preferred and is at the discretion of the Moderator.

New members must post 10 post in any forum or subject prior to submitting any items for sale in the classified forum. Any member, business, or entity that post services or products for sale without permission from the owner or moderator of imtbtrails will be considered spam and will be banned from the site with no reconsideration.

imtbtrails will not tolerate spammers, trolls, subject nazi’s, profanity, derogatory, and racist statements and declarations.

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