Shimano Paddle Shifters vs. SRAM GripShift


I’m  going to throw two things at you at the same time. With the trend of gears going away up front and a wider and a more plentiful range of cogs increasing in the rear, you would think that we would be starting to look at more efficient rear shifting systems. Now that 1×10 is old news, 1×11 is already being rivaled by the release of SRAM’S Eagle 1×12… transmissions have changed, … Continue reading

Camelbak’s Volt 13 LR Hydration Pack Review


I prefer the Camelbak Volt 13 LR Hydration Pack. I know a lot of Mountain Bikers do not like to wear hydration packs. They can be hot, or they are heavy, or they flop around especially on descents, or they simply do not have the features that they are looking for. I have owned a bunch of hydration packs. Most … Continue reading

Tailwind Nutrition Review

Amazon.Tailind Nutrition

Tailwind Nutrition. All you need, all day. Really?

I had my doubts…

Scooping some white powder called Tailwind Nutrition into a water bottle let alone several scoops into my Camelbak left me with huge doubts that this would be “ALL I Needed” for as long as I rode my mountain bike. In fact, even when the imtbtrails forum started talking about it and people I had grown to know and trust were … Continue reading



Maxxis Minion DHF & DHR Mountain Bike Tires

Maxxis Minion DHF & DHR Mountain Bike Tires are the “not so secret” weapon of most all the DH Pro’s that lack a tire sponsorship. Even pro’s sponsored on other tires have been found to have Minions on their bikes with the Maxxis logo and lettering marked out with black markers. That should tell you something… When Ritchie Rude rides Maxxis Minions on his Yeti … Continue reading

Shimano M200 Trail/Enduro Mountain Bike Shoe Review

Shimano M200 Trail/Enduro Mountain Bike Shoe

Having ridden for 25 plus years and trying, buying, and wearing out numerous Mountain Bike Shoes over those years, it was a breath of fresh air to finally come across Shimano’s M200 Trail/Enduro Mountain Bike Shoe! This shoe design in particular takes the Enduro riding style into full consideration. There are several unique points one should consider when purchasing an enduro style shoe and we are going … Continue reading

Tech Talk: Improve Your Cornering

Cornering is not as simple to understand as the experts seem to make it, at least to those who are more conscious about their body movements as opposed to those that naturally and instinctively do it. Being in the former group, I’ve been trying to come up with various cornering strategies for certain corners and have come to understand a few things.

The primary basics:
– you need to consider the path of both wheels individually, … Continue reading



Note from the Editor: We’re not sure if evdog was a professional photographer in a past life, but lucky for us he is not only an outstanding photographer but as well an amazing mountain biker. Enjoy the read and eye candy that Evan brings to the imtbtrails plate! Enjoy! ~ imtbtrails

Thanks to Dell as well for setting this trip up! We had been going to Sedona a lot the last few years but it has turned … Continue reading

The Wide Rim Trend


Wide rims is one of the hottest trends happening in mtb, and to keep with my pragmatic stance of being grounded with facts, I wanted to eliminate any doubt in statements so this has been many months in the making, giving me more opportunities to actually experience riding a few different sets, such as the Ibis 941 and Roval Traverse Fattie SL.


The tire profile/shape for a typical 2.2″ mtb tire has its ideal … Continue reading