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    Not really a LBS, but still a useful review. Universe of one, so far:

    I ordered a bottom bracket from them. It was shipped via USPS. Tracking and all, fun to watch progress. USPS said delivered Thursday, Nov 30, but it wasn't there. I initiated a case with USPS, they couldn't find it. I'm assuming a porch pirate is active in my 'hood.

    I called Worldwide to let them know, told them I don't expect a new shipment since it's not their fault, but they may want to initiate a claim with USPS.

    They shipped me another BB, no charge, no other questions. How cool is that??

    But I'm having this second one sent to work, not home.:thumbsup:

    I'd recommend these guys.
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    I have used them several times. The fact that they have a location here in So Cal usually has orders arriving in short time.

    One order was lost during shipment and I reported it to them. They sent out a replacement and asked to be notified if the original order ended up arriving, which it did. I sent it back to them.

    I do recommend them. :thumbsup:
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