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    Yeah, I was gonna go ride "The Big Ride" today solo but a combo of 2 things altered my plan.
    1. It was really cold and windy and seriously looking like rain out that way this morning.
    2. I didn't want to ride it alone so I chickened out.
    @Sasquatch9billion had posted he was coming up to do Tapia, @Voodoo Tom jumped on the ride as he had family commitments at 12:30, I texted VT and let him know I was going to join them, and on the way down I checked on imtbtrails to find out that @Grego was going to show from Fullerton! Wow! That rounded out real quick. Nice!

    Normally I would post a Tapia ride over in the "I Rode My Bike" thread, but with guys traveling as far as they did, and the mileage we got in along with new dirt for Grego and I, it turned into a mini Epic!

    Meet time was 8:30 at the Sports Center Complex. I stopped at Subway (Eat Fresh!) in Lebec to grab some starter fuel. My new thing since I am on a new diet plan was one of those 6 inch Flatbread Egg, Turkey and Cheese sandwich. Spinach, Olives, Tomatoes, add Avocado, with a dash of Chipotle sauce... Deeelicious! And a whole lot better than my old Carl's Jr. Breakfast Burger. Ate that on the way down exactly an hour before we rode.

    I was early (too early), Grego showed next, then S9B, and the local guy who rides from home a mile and a half away, showed at 8:40. Just messin' ;), he had to wrap up some family stuff and said he would be a couple minutes extra.

    A little on the cool side with a stiff breeze we headed out. i could tell I was feeling really good, right off the bat! Clean livin' brothah! Clean livin'!


    Knowing that Voodoo Tom had to split and be home by 12:30, I knew we would get all the usual suspects in at least once. Kona to Carl's, Dog Tags to Carl's, and Sidewinder to "G"Out. Which we did. We climbed back up to "The Towers" with Voodoo Tom peeling off at Lower Dog Tag to get home in time.

    Ahhhhh. The beauty of GoPro! ...Grego!

    Trinidad (S9B) and Tom (Voodoo Tom)...

    What the...? Blue Bike. Blue Helmet. NO... Blue Jersey? Uh, no imtbtrails Jersey??? I wrote Grego a citation! :)

    ...And then there were 3

    We finished the climb to The Towers and headed out north on the fire road above Sidewinder. S9B was starting to feel it and had under estimated his water intake meaning he was out. I gave him most of my water bottle. When we got to the top of Sidewinder, SB9 said he was taking it in. Grego got his cell number just in case there were any mishaps (why didn't I think of that!), and Trinidad headed back to the Sports Complex.

    ...And then there were 2
    Grego was feeling adventurous but he too was low on water. So we decided we would continue north on the fire road named San Francisquito Motorway (really? It's a beat up dirt road!?!?) about an hour then turn around. I did indeed warn him it's not a climb out descend back road. It's a up and down roller for it seems fo-evah... :sneaky:

    Of course that's not true either. Although I had never gone out as far as we did today I had an idea of where it may tie in to Lake Hughes Road, I just didn't know how far out. it did slowly gain in elevation as you can see from the profile above, but you felt like you were just dropping and climbing these rollers and not climbing in elevation. Every time we thought the next peak would reveal what we wanted to know, there was another peak in the way. I kept convincing Grego, "One more peak, one more peak, one more peak", until he wasn't buying it anymore, Ha hah!:laugh: But even then we got to what we were both pretty sure "would be the last peak and we climbed to it to finally get our answer. The motorway did a flow to the right and then a U-Turn left and dove into this deep canyon and tied into a paved access road that T Intersections lake Hughes Road. Nice! We had our answer.... mission complete!

    On the way out San Francisquito Motorway, across the valley is a small power generation plant.

    Still smiling for the camera, we climbed and then dropped, climbed and dropped....repeat.

    That basalt monolith is a long ways off. It's huge! ...and ominous...

    A "zoom in".

    Looking South West on our return to Sidewinder. That's Lake Hughes Road.

    We turned around to face the rollers on our return, but they were less intense heading south and we made pretty quick work of them, stopping to take a couple of pics of excellent views and rock formations.

    When we got back to the top of Sidewinder we hit it and cruised it and "G"Out, then hit all the singletrack options on the way out Charlie's Canyon. I was having this nagging clunk in my front end that felt it was coming from the Ahead Set or Steering Stem. It had me nervous of potential failure. So instead of me saying farewell to Greg and heading up for a couple of more loops, I cashed it in and we rode in together to the Sports Center.

    Loaded up and I said good bye to Grego knowing he was going to have to deal with Saturday traffic all the way home.

    I stopped in El Pollo Loco and got a couple of Chicken Thighs and headed home...

    What a great day! Got to ride with buds. Got at least 40 miles in and felt fantastic the entire day. I could have easily did a couple more laps to finish up about 50 miles, but the combo of front end noises and the fact I ran dry on my Camelbak led me home. Have I told you how much I dig my Camelbak lately?:sneaky:

    Thanks guys for an awesome day! I hope you post pics and vid...as well.

    Bike On!

    Raw but Edited Sidewinder/"G" Out. This is an epic singletrack!
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    Would've been in on that ride if I didn't have to work for a living, damn it ;) next time, good job getting the miles in
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    Nice, Mikie! That GoPro shot of Grego is pretty cool... :thumbsup:

    I'd offer to help you out with your death march next weekend, but I'll be out on Catalina soaking in the views on my own island death march... Hopefully, earning my little surfboard finisher's medal.
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    Found out late last night that ride plans for the weekend were not happening. Woke up early this morning and searched the forum for a ride. Tapia, yeah this will work haven't been here for some time. l posted up and left right away. Missed my usual Jack n the Box turn off so opt for a burger dive and munched down some greasy eggs and coffee on the way. I know, I've got to start eating better sometime. Blasted up the 5 fwy, arrived at the sports complex in no time. Met up with the guys. It's been quite sometime since I've seen sasquatch9billion! I was caught off guard with the chilly wind, luckly had a pair of arm warmers. We we off. I figured we'd probably get 3 runs in, maybe 4 and that would be a day. Ups and downs on the usual trails but also learned some new ins and outs. Those downhill ST are such a blast. Keeping up with VT and Mikie were a challenge. After 3 runs and as planned VT peeled off early. Temperatures were warming up, water running low S9B played it safe and headed out. Mikie and I had this crazy Idea to ride up to Red Mtn or at least get close for some extra mileage. I started to slow down at this point. Mikie, on the other hand is an animal! After many ups and downs we found our end point, viewing the firebreak up to Red Mtn. Looks unrideable. Glad we didn't tackle that beast. According to Google earth, it ascends 1700' in 3 miles. Maybe next time lol. Headed back to G-Out one more time and out Charlie Cyn. At the end, I completely ran out of water, perfect! Great day with great friends! Will have to come up more often. Thanks Guys. Epic for me.

    Only pics I took. Those weird looking rock formations were cool.
    tapia 4-23-16.jpg
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    Sorry, late to the party again just as I was late to the ride that I had to leave early...While I wish I could have gone back & conquered last weekends "walls of death" ride that @Mikie & I attempted, this weekend had some time constraints so I had a much smaller ride window. Had a blast terrorizing the local trails yesterday. Seriously thanks guys for making the drives and catering to my schedule. I've got lots of raw GoPro footage to edit and upload but that's going to take some time as I maxed out my vimeo account with my last upload haha. I chose to peel off from the group and run lower "dog tags" back down and head home. This wound up being my most eventful run with a couple near crashes and a couple friendly gopher snakes and one pissed off rattler. Both gopher snakes were captured on the gopro but I had just 3 seconds earlier shut off the camera when wizzing passed the rattler and I wasn't about to go back and chat with him cuz he was in a bad mood.

    Barely saw this guy in time and did my best to bunny hop over him so hopefully he was unscathed..
    snake 1.jpg

    This dude was sunbathing until some a-hole mountain biker showed up...
    snake 2.jpg

    And the reason I had to leave early, a color run fundraiser at my sons school. Well worth cutting the ride short for...
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    OMG!! That looks like fun - I wanna ride Tapia!!

    Nice RR Mikie, I wouldn't expect anything less. :inlove:
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    What the...? Blue Bike. Blue Helmet. NO... Blue Jersey? Uh, no imtbtrails Jersey??? I wrote Grego a citation!

    I believe my IMTB jersey is in the deepest darkest depths of the laundry. I still considered wearing it but the pungent stench would have got me sent home, or worse!:eek: I'll take the citation.

    We should have checked out what was in that cooler on Dog Tag. :cool:
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    I considered heading back down dog tags to see if there was more water and possibly beer.
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    Don't know about water or beer but I know there were some snakes...
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