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    A BP gig will be happening in the fine municipality of Santa Rosa. Fall 2018, date TBA (November likely). The Rock Ice and Mountain Club monthly pizza-joint event and a SR bike shop TBA are two venues on our radar, and we'll do it at each on separate nights.

    New music from my pal Jeff, swag from GG, and lots of riding and suffering stoke will be bandied about. I'd like to focus on modest skills/endurance leading to big rides (which I am, of course, an expert at). I want it to be useful to will-be BPers, and not just images and reporting.

    Yes there's gonna be riding. We'll be hooking up with locals who will show us the SR-area goods. Beyond that, we'll be making our way up to Fort Bragg (the CA one) for some redwoods riding at Jackson State Forest. Other plums – on and off menu – will be plucked along the way. Short, gray days on damp trails with few people around...awesome NorCal flavor. If you're 5'9" to 6' tall, you can spin on my M Smash or M Pedälhead. :thumbsup:

    I'll add details as they get hammered out. :geek:
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